• Ia

    ★½ Watched by Ia 01 May, 2016

    I didn't like the movie but holy shit I would never think this is shot in 2009


  • Kate

    ★★½ Watched by Kate 29 Apr, 2016

    Listen Ti buddy I get that you wanna build tension and everything but this was truly pushing it. Cool ending though.


  • Daniel Martinez

    ★★★★½ Added by Daniel Martinez

    Highly enjoyed this film. The mix of slasher and demonic possession worked well for me, even if I am not the biggest demonic possession fan but I do love slashers.


  • Llewyn Davis

    ½ Watched by Llewyn Davis 14 Apr, 2016

    Ok let me make something perfectly clear to you blindsided idiots. JUST because a movie,film,motion picture captures the feeling of an era very well, which I'm not denying it doesn't, that's why it has half a star. But that doesn't automatically give it a magical pass. It's basically an hour and a half of a woman, teenage girl, walking around a house. Idiots.


  • Draco_Wolfsbane

    ★½ Watched by Draco_Wolfsbane 18 Apr, 2016

    "Talk on the Phone. Finish Your Homework. Watch TV. Die."- Tagline.

    An pretty poor movie that is really slow to get going (at least the first 45 minutes has nothing happening!) but gets a little better, if predictable, at the end.


  • Jehek

    ★★★★ Watched by Jehek 17 Apr, 2016

    The walkman playing while sam dances through the house has got to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen. House of the devil wasn't scary so much as a really tense and uneasy mystery. Sam is a college student who accepts a babysitting job for a man in an eerie house, but when Sam finds out there is no baby it just gets stranger from there. The performances by Mr. Ulman captures this perfectly as immediately something…


  • yella

    ★★★★ Watched by yella 17 Apr, 2016

    excellent 70s/80s-styled homage to both American and Italian horror.  the complaints about the latter half of the film are lost on me -- the 2nd half is very visually striking and visceral (think Suspiria).  also liked the performances a lot, the casting mixes typical horror roles (the paranoid teenager, the evil old woman) with more realistic and nuanced performances from Gerwig and Noonan.  pleasantly surprised


  • Nathan Shapiro

    ★★★ Watched by Nathan Shapiro 15 Apr, 2016

    50 minutes of it were really great! Nothing happened in the other 45. It would have made an incredible short film.


  • Will Fulford

    ★★★ Watched by Will Fulford 15 Apr, 2016

    Great building of tension in the first half. But falls to pieces in the second.


  • Sumner Forbes

    ★★★ Rewatched by Sumner Forbes 13 Apr, 2016

    During my second viewing of this film, I found myself questioning at what point does an homage become shameless exploitation? I don't know if many film scholars have an answer -- Quentin Tarantino, for all of his brilliance, has skirted the line between the two throughout his entire career. While Ti West is obviously not on his level, his love for 1980s horror is readily apparent and is even palpable in the formal decisions in the film, resulting in a…


  • zach parker

    ★★★ Watched by zach parker 10 Apr, 2016

    - the dialogue and character situations are poorly imagined, the kind of stuff that people might actually say in real life but that people in a movie shouldn't.
    - in spite of that, the scenes - even the ones where Greta Gerwig shoulders the burden of a lot of poorly imagined dialogue - are at least consistent with what's come before and the editing keeps things evenly paced. so it works.
    - and the stuff once inside the House is terrific.
    - the movie falters a little in the last three minutes, mostly with the blinking shots in the satanic ritual.


  • Minsen

    ★★★½ Watched by Minsen 08 Apr, 2016

    Ti West knows his stuff, but as much as I love his typically challenging moments (... welcome to slow burn mania ...), I still have to admit that at some points of this movie I would have really appreciated something to keep me entertained. Nevertheless it's much better than 90% of the horror films out there, especially ALL of the ghost movie rip-offs.
    --- Light 7 ---