• Dave Holmes

    ★★★½ Added by Dave Holmes

    Pros: incredible location filming, great cinematography, intriguing premise, Owen's always welcome, doesn't reach for Bourne-style shakycam silliness so the action is more grounded. Cons: too convoluted, too dour (like Bourne), main characters relatively dull, too many unnecessary characters come and go without great impression. Overall, well worth a look, esp the Guggenheim bit.


  • Chris McMahon

    Watched by Chris McMahon 16 Sep, 2015

    Why you talk so much?


  • Koen Romers

    ★★★ Watched by Koen Romers 08 Sep, 2015

    Visually intriguing, narratively flat.


  • Dustpan

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Dustpan 10 Aug, 2015

    An underrated thriller where Clive Owen fights a bank. Well put together and highly enjoyable.


  • Alex

    ★★★½ Watched by Alex 08 Jul, 2015

    Fast paced, action, thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat from the moment it starts, The International is an underrated genre film that manages to be far better than what the critics have initially thought about the film. Sure, it has moments here and there that could have been improved, but the material presented here is bold, exciting, riveting and memorable. This is a well paced affair, a film that relies on a tightly written script, very…


  • eschwa22

    ★★★★ Added by eschwa22

    8/10: ★★★★★★★★☆☆


  • andibgoode

    ★★★½ Watched by andibgoode 23 Jun, 2015

    This film was different than I thought it would be, i.e. a lot better. I'm still not certain exactly how I felt about it, but it wasn't the trash heap I thought it'd be from other ratings/reviews around the 'net. Very nice visually. And the Guggenheim is probably one of the coolest places for a shoot-out I've seen on film! (I'm impressed by the replica they built, too). I'm not sure how much I really cared about the story or characters, yet I still felt engaged? Shall have to ponder this film some more.


  • Brendan Edwards

    ★★½ Watched by Brendan Edwards 12 Jun, 2015

    In did not expect this film to end when it did. It seemed a bit abruptly and as if something, some kind of closure was missing. The performances from Clive Owen is great and Watts is okay though she has been better in other films. I found the shootout at the Guggenheim to be the highlight of the film. That is just suspenseful and fun to see and artistic building like that get shot to pieces ;-)


  • Steve Moyle

    ★★★½ Added by Steve Moyle

    A film about the corruption of international finance, Clive Owen is very good as usual. The supporting cast isn't perfect, It started off with awesome tension. It seems longer then it is and in the end was a fun film which was really expertly crafted but overall just didn't end up being anything other then "good".


  • Doug Normand

    ★★ Rewatched by Doug Normand 07 May, 2015

    I'm pretty sure I've seen this before, and it's little wonder I can't remember anything about it. I didn't enjoy this the second time round and feel deflated I've wasted a night watching a below average movie.
    I am undecided on Clive Owen as an actor......I've seen him carry a good performance in "I'll sleep when I'm dead" and I've also seen him at his worst....."Children Of Men".
    The plot is the usual government conspiracy, exposing internal government terrorism etc etc. nothing new and no real twist.
    The only up side to this film is Armin Mueller-Stahl......


  • Schizopolis

    ★★★½ Rewatched by Schizopolis 10 Apr, 2015

    "There's a difference between truth and fiction. Fiction has to make sense."

    Clive Owen is basically Fox Mulder, Jack Ryan and James Bond in this movie. He can do it all. Who knew the world of international finance could be so intriguing? Like Deep Throat said, "Follow the money."


  • Erik Wong

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Erik Wong 10 Apr, 2015

    Not sure why this doesn't have a better reputation as I think it's a solid adult thriller with very good performances and is just absolutely beautifully filmed.