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    One of the best films I have ever seen is The Killing. It can boast a great many things. It can proudly say that it is the best heist film ever made and that it is the creme dela creme of film noir. Out of all the films in my top ten favorites, The Killing is easily the most watchable and purely entertaining. It doesn't try to be much more than a crime picture. A crime picture written by the…


  • ghoststark

    ★★★★ Watched by ghoststark 16 Jul, 2014

    A simple heist film, that hits all the beats necessary to make it an interesting and entertaining ride. This film rarely veered off the beaten path, and yet it did all of the basic things with an assured hand, and a clear sense of narrative momentum. Until we reach the final few scenes; that is where this film becomes the perfect preamble to Stanley Kubrick's eventual stylistic flourishes. The last 10 minutes or so, devolve into utter chaos, and the…


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    The Killing(Stanley Kubrick)

    Johnny Clay : Five years have taught me one thing if nothing else , If you take a chance, be sure the reward’s worth the risk, they can put you away just as fast for a ten-dollar heist as for a million

    Stanley Kubrick was a young 28 year old when the The Killing was released , having made two previous films before , Fear and Desire and Killers Kiss(not countng his three short films) , he…


  • Chris Grosvenor

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    Kubrick's early crime caper is a clear stepping stone towards the output of the master director he would become, but is far from perfect. Starring the grizzled Sterling Hayden as the leader behind an apparently fool-proof plan to rob a racecourse for over $2 million, The Killing is another cinematic showcase for the notion that the best laid plans often go awry.

    Elements of the film feel dated, most prominently the voice over narration which attempts to orientate the spectator…


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  • Zach Killebrew

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    In what director Stanley Kubrick deemed his first mature feature, he crafts and intricate heist film. The job is to rob a horse track and it can only be a success if everyone involved completes their task the exact way planned. The intricacies of the heist are mirrored by Kubrick 's storytelling. He jumps back and forth in time instead of telling the story chronologically so necessary details are revealed in a more natural order instead of them feeling hastily…


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    "What's the difference?" asks a character in the climactic moments of The Killing, Stanley Kubrick's third feature film but first professional one. In the scope of his career, the difference was enormous: for the first time he was working with a solid story, an experienced cast, and a professional crew. The result is a breakthrough and a leap of significant proportions, as a talented and precocious amateur showed this first signs of true mastery.

    The story and script are possibly…


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    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.


  • Carson Joiner

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    "You don't have to sell it to me Johnny, you know I'll believe anything you say."
    Stanley Kubrick held nothing back with his film The Killing, which follows a group of daring crooks as they plan and attempt to carry out a robbery at a crowded racetrack. Kubrick's decision to bring on pulp novelist Jim Thompson to write the dialogue was brilliant. The quick-witted lingo, and over-the-top acting make The Killing a definitive film in the gritty noir style genre.…


  • Josh

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    The acting was good, and the directing was very much ahead of its time. The story wasn't much, but the ending was very frustrating.


  • tcrosini

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    While its a fine heist film it doesn't quite have masterpiece written on it like nearly all of Kubrick's films that followed.


  • Jordan_The_Bailiff

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    13: A Kubrick Odyssey

    Kubrick's first collaboration with James B. Harris is and always has been a great pleasure to watch. The Killing has a riveting heist story with a cast of dynamic characters. Whether you like them or not is your own thing.

    Highly recommend.