• John Sanzi

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    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.

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    Works of fiction ... i.e. illusions ... inherently pose two questions:

    1.) Might illusions be real, in some sense?
    2.) By the same token, might reality be an illusion, in…


  • Adam Bolick

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    There are a number of things about this film that are super dated but, for better or worse, it helped to greatly advance the CGI film era at the turn of the millennium.


  • shaddox

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by shaddox 28 Sep, 2015 1

    "not like this...not like this..."


  • Dennie van der Tuuk

    ★★★★½ Rewatched by Dennie van der Tuuk 11 Aug, 2015

    Wonderful combination of a intelligent story and great action. Remembering the first time i saw this in theatres and got blown away by what i saw on screen. I never seen anything like this before. Not really the first time we saw bullet time (Blade was the first) but here it was executed perfectly. Story is quite simple thinking about it afterwards, it's the philosophy behind it all is what's still interesting and done not so sleep evoking as Reloaded…


  • Oliwe

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Oliwe 26 Sep, 2015

    I think this film holds up very well.


  • Sergio Sotolongo

    Rewatched by Sergio Sotolongo 26 Sep, 2015

    After logging Chasing Amy, someone I followed had posted a review as is usually the case with most films I log on here. I managed to casually sneak a peak at it and this person opened with how masturbatory Kevin Smith's dialog is.

    You want to talk self-stroking? Lord almighty do the Wachowski's stroke circles around Kevin Smith. I've never heard such repressed dialogue, there's often time wasted on explaining why there's no time to explain! This is no secret…


  • Jac

    ★★½ Watched by Jac 21 Jun, 2015

    Revolutionary I guess in the amount of content ripped off from, but pretty much the nerd boy fantasy. I'm sure watching it on a plane tv didn't make it any better either.


  • Rick Bman

    Rewatched by Rick Bman 26 Sep, 2015

    It has been a really long time since I've watched a movie that was edited for TV. It is kind of hilarious.

    How about I give you a flipper and you give me my phone call.

    You're my own personal juvenile delinquent.

    Oh Shoot!!


  • Michael Camilleri

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by Michael Camilleri 18 Sep, 2015

    The knowledge of the sequels detract somewhat from its power, but it's still an incredibly potent sci-fi blockbuster. It's true that the philosophical ideas are the ones any first year university student is going to encounter (as someone that did first year philosophy I can attest to this) but that still puts it leagues ahead of every other action film.

    The most disappointing aspect is how little is done with Trinity. Things start strong but quickly devolve from there. The fact that her destiny is literally to be the love interest is a depressing statement about the role of women in Western popular culture.


  • Grant Bigham

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Grant Bigham 17 Aug, 2015

    As to be expected, the CGI is not up to today's standards, though that does not mean that they are horrible. I honestly think everything about this movie was pretty great. Opening with that great action seen was a great way to start off the film and to get a new audience interested in a new series. I just wish Keanu Reeves had a little bit more emotion into his part. He just kind of felt emotionally detached to me. Overall, this sis definitely a movie i would reccomend to others, even if Keanu could've done better.


  • Barbaros6607

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    1999 war DAS Kinojahr schlechthin; neben Meisterwerken wie "The Green Mile", "Fight Club", "Magnolia" oder "The Sixth Sense" war "Matrix" ein weiterer Film, der neue Maßstäbe für das Kino setzte. Der Film war seiner Zeit um Jahrzehnte voraus, sowohl auf inhaltlicher als auch auf technischer Ebene.
    Es gibt viele Filme, die aufgrund von 1-2 Szenen Kultstatus erlangt haben, doch dieser Film enthält jede gefühlte Minute eine legendäre Szene (Beispiele sind das grandiose Opening, die Slow-Motion Szenen mit dem Bullet-Time-Effekt, Neos…


  • Baz_the_film_guy

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by Baz_the_film_guy 22 Sep, 2015

    I think this viewing may have been the 267th time I've seen The Matrix and only just realised that 'NEO' is an anagram of 'ONE'.

    Mind blown.