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  • The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death
  • Blackhat Blackhat
  • Exodus: Gods and Kings Exodus: Gods and Kings
  • Whiplash Whiplash
  • Nightbreed : The Director's Cut Nightbreed : The Director's Cut

Movies I've Seen in 2015

Last but not least, my traditional list containing every single movie seen in 2015.

  • Nebraska Nebraska
  • Stoker Stoker
  • The Raid 2 The Raid 2
  • The Raid The Raid
  • Enemy Enemy

Modern Day Favorites


Plissken 17 films 10 9

These are movies that have come out since 2010 and onward that I have enjoyed right away and stand with…

  • Die Hard Die Hard
  • Grease Grease
  • Stand by Me Stand by Me
  • Jurassic Park Jurassic Park
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street A Nightmare on Elm Street

Everything I've Watched and Reviewed - RANKED

This is everything I've seen and reviewed starting Jan 1st, 2013 ranked.

Opinions change over time, so this list will…

  • Naked Naked
  • The Skin I Live In The Skin I Live In
  • The Raid The Raid
  • Spring Breakers Spring Breakers
  • Antiviral Antiviral

Top 20 Favorite Movies REVISITED


Hayley 20 films 2

A couple years back I made a Top 20 Favorite Movies list here on letterboxd. I can't bring myself to…

  • Edge of Tomorrow Edge of Tomorrow
  • Blue Ruin Blue Ruin
  • The Babadook The Babadook
  • Life Itself Life Itself
  • The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears

Ridley's New Year's Resolution Master List

Steve Hunt

Steve Hunt 26 films

I've taken it upon myself to try and clear out my backlog. It's pretty big, so I decided that 2015…

  • Drive Drive
  • Warrior Warrior
  • Midnight in Paris Midnight in Paris
  • Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
  • A Separation A Separation

Top 25 Films Of 2011

Julio Hoyos

Julio Hoyos 25 films

Drive is The Best Film Of 2011 and The Best Film Of the 2010's Decade so far. Ryan Gosling delivers…

  • It's a Wonderful Life It's a Wonderful Life
  • Gone Girl Gone Girl
  • Blue Ruin Blue Ruin
  • Interstellar Interstellar
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel The Grand Budapest Hotel

Reto Cinéfilo 2015


David 16 films 17 18

Reto basado en el "2015 Reading Challenge" de y adaptado para el cine por @mayapalmer.

Este desafío contiene 50…

  • Mulholland Drive Mulholland Drive
  • Crash Crash
  • Gomorrah Gomorrah
  • Throne of Blood Throne of Blood
  • If.... If....
  • Timeline Timeline
  • Severance Severance
  • Becoming Jane Becoming Jane
  • A Sound of Thunder A Sound of Thunder
  • Tales from Earthsea Tales from Earthsea


Ross McRae

Ross McRae 314 films

Every film I've ever rented from LOVEFiLM.

  • The Dark Knight The Dark Knight
  • Superman Superman
  • Pulp Fiction Pulp Fiction
  • Jaws Jaws
  • Back to the Future Back to the Future

The Stone Cold Gold Collection


markmooney 337 films 8 15

Heres my list of movies, that in my eyes are the best of the best, that range from 5 star…

  • Fight Club Fight Club
  • Once Upon a Time in the West Once Upon a Time in the West
  • Apocalypse Now Apocalypse Now
  • Do the Right Thing Do the Right Thing
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Fish Tank Fish Tank
  • Blue Is the Warmest Color Blue Is the Warmest Color
  • The Untouchables The Untouchables
  • Apocalypto Apocalypto
  • White Men Can't Jump White Men Can't Jump