• Adrian Zachow

    ★★ Watched by Adrian Zachow 24 Apr, 2016

    Not the homage to good childhood memories one would hope for. The Smurfs are neatly brought to life with a good looking blend of CG and live action, but the script goes through every tired trope this side of Stuart Little, and the pun heavy script is way too obvious and broad to be funny. Hank Azaria does seem well into his creepy Gargamel persona, and kids might actually enjoy how lively the film but next to every kid having a good there probably will be a suffering parent.


  • BradleyPiper

    ★★½ Watched by BradleyPiper 06 Apr, 2016

    It's quite frankly a terrible film, but it's just something good to watch when your tired or ill, and Gargamel's cat is pretty funny.


  • Brendan Edwards

    ★★★½ Watched by Brendan Edwards 21 Apr, 2016

    Love the smurfs! No i smurf the smurfs!! You can judge me all you want i smurf those little blue creatures.


  • Rhys Belding

    ★½ Watched by Rhys Belding 29 Mar, 2016

    The Smurfs is a fairly poor and often "cringy" live-action animation crossover film. I feel that a LOT more could have been done to improve the narrative, camerawork, performances and animation on this film among other aspects. Very generic too.


  • Jeremy Medina

    ½ Watched by Jeremy Medina 26 Mar, 2016 2

    *gurgling noise as the blood fills my throat*


  • BHCcorp.

    ★★ Added by BHCcorp.

    You know what everyone wanted?

    Another "Smurfs" movie.

    So they did it.

    Happy now? Happ-what?

    No one wanted that? Well then...

    Meh, at least the CG and voice acting is good.


  • wandaycosmo

    ★★ Watched by wandaycosmo 28 Feb, 2016

    cómo hacen películas tan malas wn
    la representación de Gargamel y Azrael apesta


  • Matt Thomas

    ★★★ Watched by Matt Thomas 21 Feb, 2016

     Undemanding yet enjoyable, mostly due to the great animation, lively voice casting, and an on-form NPH.


  • GhostfaceJedi

    ½ Added by GhostfaceJedi

    I did NOT see this by choice. Was forced to with a group, & I remind them of how awful it was regularly. The ONLY good part of this movie was when one of the Smurfs used the word "Smurf" to cuss a bunch and the other Smurfs freaked out. What a waste of time and money. Spare yourself at all cost.


  • Mr. Knoll

    Added by Mr. Knoll

    This was never not going to be a terrible film; what I find truly disappointing about it is that it doesn't even try to touch on any of the bizarre political readings the Smurfs have inspired over the years. I mean, how hard would it have been to add in just a smidge of subtext, just one or two alarming implications? The target audience wouldn't take notice either way. The parents would still be too busy banging their heads against…


  • Dave Holmes

    ★★★ Added by Dave Holmes

    I thought it was going to be as unbearable as the chipmunk sequels. Instead it's about as tolerable as the first chipmunk film. A few moments that made me chuckle, some great location work, NPH, and the smurfs' inherent charm compensate for the predictably OTT screamy-slapstick treatment. Just. Kids (young ones) will absolutely love it.


  • Ana Rita

    ★★★ Added by Ana Rita

    I love watching the Cartoons and the movie itself didn't disappoint me!