The Stendhal Syndrome The Stendhal Syndrome

A young policewoman slowly goes insane while tracking down an elusive serial rapist/killer through Italy when she herself becomes a victim of the brutal man's obsession.

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Hoop-Tober (Sort Of)

Not following any of the traditional "Hoop-Tober" rules this year (when have I ever? haha); just gonna try to watch…

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They Shoot Zombies, Don’t They? – The 1,000 Greatest Horror Films (2nd Edition)

Jon Hillman

Jon Hillman 1,000 films 230 6 Edit

The 2016 (2nd) edition of the list. You can see the original and more info here.

With a list of…

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Hoop-Tober 3.0: October Sets Simon On Fire

For Cinemonster's Live From Zombietown, It's Hoop-Tober 3.0! challenge.

A rundown of the rules and the films I intend to…