The Three Stooges The Three Stooges

Just Say Moe.

While trying to save their childhood orphanage, Moe, Larry, and Curly inadvertently stumble into a murder plot and wind up starring in a reality TV show.

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All-nighter watchlist


toshio 2,699 films 464 28 Edit

Watchlist of movies that only you and your best friends might appreciate.
Suggestion: Use to draw which ones to…

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Farrelly Bros

“There was theater (Griffith), poetry (Murnau), painting (Rossellini), dance (Eisenstein), music (Renoir). Henceforth there is cinema. And the cinema is…

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  • Zoolander

Movies That I Will Probably Never Watch


fatpie42 47 films 7 19 Edit

Cinema Eclectica podcast #76 ALMOST has me thinking I might give Ghostbusters 2016 a rental one day. Almost!

But the…