• EvanstonDad

    ★★ Added by EvanstonDad

    A harmless enough movie, but at the same time without much to recommend it.

    "There's No Business Like Show Business" provides one of those backstage musical frameworks on which to hang countless flashy production numbers. The stars (Ethel Merman, Marilyn Monroe, Donald O'Connor) take back seat to the CinemaScope and Technicolor -- this was one of those films that Hollywood dutifully dragged out to convince everyone that movies were still better than that pesky competitor, television.

    Too bad that "Show…


  • Kraykay

    ★★★ Rewatched by Kraykay 20 Mar, 2016

    The Donahues started in Vaudeville and as their family grew, so did their act. The film follows the Five Donahues through the coming of age of their three children. The plot is a thin thread weaving a dazzling and glittery Hollywood musical together. Yes, this is a Hollywood musical with a plot more scant than Marilyn Monroe’s wardrobe. But you're not here for the plot. You're here because you like musicals or the film was included in a Marilyn Monroe…


  • Victoria

    ★★★★ Added by Victoria



  • K.O. Svines

    ★★★½ Watched by K.O. Svines 26 Jan, 2016

    Fun, cute, sweet and charming. Although I don't like how in the later years it's been marketed as a Marilyn Monroe starring vehicle, when she hardly has even a supporting role. Although that was a nice surprise in this case, as there can be too much Marilyn sometimes. (I'm not a particularly huge fan of hers).

    Even though it's quite entertaining, it doesn't really stand out in any way. Good musical numbers, but with a predictable and thin story to…


  • EdwinJarvis

    Watched by EdwinJarvis 08 Dec, 2015

    I don't want what I wanted at all.


  • Daniel PG Simpson

    ★½ Watched by Daniel PG Simpson 16 Nov, 2015

    It's interesting that this was part of a Marilyn Monroe DVD set, yet she barely factors in this film, which focuses more on a family of characters which she isn't really part of. Anyway, There's No Business Like Show Business embodies many of the traits I hate the most about Hollywood musicals, namely that its overblown, over-long, and lacking in plot. What few strands of conflict are either resolved immediately or end up getting resolved off camera. It's a movie…


  • Danielle McCallion

    ★★½ Watched by Danielle McCallion 06 Nov, 2015

    $10 to the person who can tell me what being "lasghy" means.


  • bev cave

    ★★★½ Watched by bev cave 03 Nov, 2015

    watched w nico and i rly loved it!! donald o'connor and marilyn monroe are both SO cute. and ohh my god the extended coming out metaphor of the 1 brother wanting to be a priest.. the Queer Discourse...


  • Nigel

    ★★½ Watched by Nigel 01 Oct, 2015

    I guess telling your parents that you want to become a priest was one way of telling them you were gay in the 1950s.

    The only thing I enjoyed about the film was Marilyn Monroe. Her character seemed more down to Earth than most characters she played during her career. It was also nice seeing Mitzi Gaynor too. Other than that, the film didn't do much for me.


  • Antonin

    ★★★ Watched by Antonin 20 Sep, 2015

    Pas très bon mais c'était cute


  • ShyMovieBuff93

    ★★½ Added by ShyMovieBuff93

    I'm not going to lie unless you love Singing' in the Rain, I wouldn't recommend this film. It sets up the main characters for the first half and then the real story begins.

    What sold this movie for me, other than the siblings' relationship, was Marilyn Monroe. Now you comes in a quarter of the way but after only seeing her as this dizzy blonde trope this character was refreshing. I can't put my finger on it, but she feels…


  • meriselle

    ★★½ Watched by meriselle 15 Mar, 2015

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The movie has a particular long and drawn out beginning. It takes a while to get things rolling. The exposition was handled in the form of narration by the parents/theater couple and personally, I would have not gone about it in such a way.
    The Teenage girl has some good eye acting and speaks at a good tempo. The actor who plays Tim Donahue is good at actively acting.
    All the cast were particularly good at their job. Though, it…