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  • Pearl Jam: Twenty
  • Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Runnin' Down a Dream
  • The Beatles Anthology
  • Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who
  • When You're Strange

Documentaries That Rock!!! A Comprehensive List of Music Documentaries w/ a Focus on Rock

This is a list of every rock music documentary that I have come across. I also threw in some other…

  • The Last of Mrs. Lincoln
  • The Last of Sheila
  • The Last of the Blonde Bombshells
  • Last of the Dogmen
  • The Last of the High Kings

Videohound 2 1/2 star (or bone) rating out of 4 (latest edition)--Part II

This picks up where Part I of this list left off. Letterboxd would keep giving an 'internal error' message when…

  • Life Itself
  • The Pixar Story
  • Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey
  • Hitchcock/Truffaut
  • This Is It

Documentary Films Ranked!

Timmy Kandra

Timmy Kandra 16 films 1 Edit

This may be hard but lets try this out. Every documentary film I've ever seen ranked.

  • Scarface
  • West Side Story
  • John Wick
  • The Witch
  • Love

Favorite Films


Marie 140 films 6 2 Edit

We all more than one favorite film. We have films we've seen more than once, re-watched them as soon as…

  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Flubber
  • Anastasia
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Barney's Great Adventure

All my trips to the cinema

For those more adventurous, those who prefer to see taste evolve in one single list, here's every single film I've…

  • Ben-Hur
  • Visit to a Small Planet
  • The Last Voyage
  • Home from the Hill
  • Can-Can

No.1 U.S. Weekly Box Office Films From 1960 To Present

Jason Shah

Jason Shah 1,538 films 11 Edit

The films that were No.1 in the U.S. weekly box office from Jan 1960 to today.

Missing From Database


  • Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
  • Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
  • Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
  • Star Wars
  • The Empire Strikes Back

Films I've Seen (Continuous)

Josh Sazin

Josh Sazin 1,039 films Edit

An official list of all films I've seen, updated each time I watch another

  • Sense and Sensibility
  • Braveheart
  • Murder in the First
  • To Die For
  • The Usual Suspects
  • 10 Things I Hate About You
  • One Hundred and One Dalmatians
  • 17 Again
  • 21 Jump Street
  • 27 Dresses

All Movies I Own On DVD

Matt Greene

Matt Greene 810 films Edit

Truman Capote: "It's as if Perry and I grew up in the same house. And one day he stood up…

  • Dinosaur
  • Shrek
  • The Emperor's New Groove
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  • Monsters, Inc.

Movies I've Seen in Theaters

Senior Tom

Senior Tom 518 films 6 8 Edit

These are ALL the movies I've seen in theaters. Ever.

I might be missing some, but these are all I…

  • Two Lovers
  • 3:10 to Yuma
  • 3 Days to Kill
  • Three Kings
  • The 6th Day
  • The Informant!
  • Inglourious Basterds
  • Up
  • Coraline
  • District 9

2009 Ranked

All the movies I've seen from 2009, ranked by preference (all dates according to Letterboxd).