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    “He was some kind of a man. What does it matter what you say about people?”

    The end justifies the means. That was his mantra. Shortcuts, grandstanding, rule-bending, hubristic excess and excessive hubris—all was fair game, so long as the final result was the desired one. No one else followed the rules. They were too busy whoring and bellowing and thieving and lying. Or else they did follow the rules and ended up with nothing. You could…


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    A grotesque and itchy carnival-funhouse noir that resists efforts to engage it on normal cinematic narrative terms of plot and character. A lurid, nightmare Mexican dreamscape, populated with preposterous, cartoon-like personas. The common critical wisdom is that the classic noir era is bookended by The Maltese Falcon and Touch of Evil, the former more of a prototype, and the latter more of a parody. I watched the original theatrical release cut, and look forward to watching the 1998 restored version.

    Noir-November #16


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    More like "Quite a Bit of Evil"


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    Orson Welles supposedly set himself a challenge to make a great movie from a bad story; the result is this magnificently seedy potboiler, springing from the mystery of who blew up a non-entity with dynamite. Fairly soon, said mystery is safely forgotten as Charlton Heston attempts to play a Mexican detective (it's actually probably his funniest, most vulnerable performance) and Janet Leigh is left alone in a motel room with a gang of greasy hoods as well as Mercedes McCambridge…


  • Old Shuck

    ★★ Watched by Old Shuck 16 Nov, 2014

    Technically impressive (camera work, lighting and so on) but somehow I seem to have missed something.

    There just seemed to be too many characters I didn't care about and a meandering plot that was a jigsaw puzzle of emotionless and confused pieces.

    The pacing is off and the tone is really inconsistent. Some of the casting is poor, Charlton Heston doesn't convince as a Mexican police detective for example and neither does Marlene Dietrich as a Mexican something or other.…


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    Noir-November Challenge! Movie #34

    The story was as grimey and gritty as Orsen Well's character Hank Quinlan! A character that was the highlight of the film! Another pleasant surprise was Marlene Dietrich's brief but memorable role as Tanya!

    The opening scene was a magnificent piece of cinema! But it felt clunky in its storytelling! And I just couldn't wrap my head around Charleton Heston playing the mexican Ramon Miguel Vargas! He played it about as well as my honky white…


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    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.


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    Bearing Welles's unmistakable visual style, Touch Of Evil is a darkly thrilling and masterfully intelligent noir film (if, perhaps, somewhat plotty).


  • Philip Schmidt

    ★★★★★ Watched by Philip Schmidt 08 Nov, 2014

    A truly marvelous film from start to finish and the best scenes may be the first and last. I can't believe I gave up after 30 minutes last time, mumbling something about how offensive Heston's Mexican accent and fake tan were. Safe to say I missed the point.

    Who's to say if this is closest to what Welles' intended, but Walter Murch plus wild auteur seems to be safe bet for masterpiece. The plot is so dark and the characters…


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    Schöne Kamerafahrten und Einstellungen, eine gute Geschichte und eine super Besetzung, in der der großartige Orsen Welles als "DER BAD COP" herausragt. Immer noch ein super Film


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    Theatrical cut.