• Richard Killiam

    ★★ Watched by Richard Killiam 30 Nov, 2015 3

    More of a sense of humor than I expected, some of the jokes were actually OK. The biggest one being the movie itself.


  • Parker Smykle

    ★★½ Rewatched by Parker Smykle 04 Nov, 2015

    This is a perfect example when summer blockbusters go completely wrong.
    Overall rating - meh.........rather watch something else.


  • gui_colepicolo

    ★★½ Watched by gui_colepicolo 24 Nov, 2015

    Duro de assistir inteiro...pra quem gosta mesmo...


  • Dan Doherty

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Dan Doherty 21 Nov, 2015

    Say what you want about how bad the sequels are but this movie still holds up. LOVE it.


  • Rashid

    Added by Rashid

    No style and no substance? Home run!


  • James

    ★★ Rewatched by James 20 Nov, 2015

    Watching this is like being in 2007 again. This is the epitome of big, dumb, mass market blockbusters from that era. Every single element of this film is aimed broadly at the lowest common denominator. The ending credits chiming in with "What I've Done" by Linkin Park, which was a chart topper in that year, was funny then but absolutely comical now, and perfectly sums up what a pop culture anachronism this film is.

    If this was any good it'd…


  • Ian Salsbury

    ½ Watched by Ian Salsbury 18 Nov, 2015

    I've sat through some godawful shit in my time. But I always sit through them to the bitter end. After hour and a half of this I flicked the button to see how much more I had to endure and there was AN HOUR LEFT. No-one should have to suffer this much, no-one. It had to go.

    I can't even be bothered to review what I saw. It was making me angry. Embarrassing, juvenile, unfunny, boring, badly acted, appalling dialogue, shit action scenes, stupid rubbish. Fuck off with it.


  • Daniel Charchuk

    ★★½ Watched by Daniel Charchuk 06 Jul, 2007

    Just another typical Michael Bay film. It's pretty much a mishmash of all his previous films, with some impressive FX and a silly story added in. Shia's plotline was the only one I really cared about, up until it merges with all the other ones, and it's too bad that it was cut up by lame stories about soldiers and hackers. The slapstick bit with all the autobots at his house while he's trying to retrieve the glasses was brilliant,…


  • Antonio Quintero

    Watched by Antonio Quintero 02 Jul, 2007

    I saw it at a special screening at the alamo south lamar in which we had a dinosaur robot destroy cars.

    The movie was awful. The design of the autobots and Decepticons were terrible. At points I could not tell who was fighting who? All the jokes in this movie are lame and awkward.


  • Gabriel Camillozzi

    ★★★ Added by Gabriel Camillozzi

    Baseado em uma série dedesenho animados, adaptado por Roberto Orci e Alex Kurtzman e dierção de Michael Bay, Transformers narra a estoria dos Autobots e os Decepticons: duas raças alienígenas robóticas, que durante anos duelaram em Cybertron, planeta ao qual perteciam, esta guerra fez com que o planeta fosse destruído, forçando os robôs a se espalharem pelo universo. Megatron (Hugo Weaving) líder dos Decepticons, vem à Terra em busca do Allspark, um cubo originado de Cybertron que possibilita que qualquer…


  • Dixonbeaver

    ★★½ Rewatched by Dixonbeaver 08 Nov, 2015 3

    Goddamn it, this movie is infuriating. It has such a good movie just trying to come thru. Being in the minority, I think Michael Bay can make a coheriant movie if he wants to. Like this one, he always fucks it up with goofy characters and horribly written jokes. If Shia Lebouef would have been beaten into a coma by the meathead football player 15min in, I'd love the movie. The whole film I was anxiously waiting for someone to…


  • Paul Zoccolillo

    Added by Paul Zoccolillo

    (Original review outdated, re-evaluation required at later date)