• rman2727

    ★★★½ Added by rman2727

    So I just recently got a new 4K LG TV, stellar quality. Decided to pop in Blu-ray Tron Legacy. Super beautiful movie. Storyline is okay, CGI Lebowski is ehhh. But the set design and everything along those lines, amazing.

    The main actor, is okay. I really don't enjoy the corny one-liners that they set him up with. I do have to keep in mind, this is a Disney movie. Movies that are directly from Disney always have pitfalls in either…


  • Matthew Simpson

    ★★★ Rewatched by Matthew Simpson 06 Feb, 2016

    Not a great movie, but Jeff Bridges in full hippie mode is pretty great. Plus bonus points for the Daft Punk score.


  • Matt Wooldridge

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by Matt Wooldridge 05 Feb, 2016

    It skews a bit older than my five and eight year old sons, but they had so much fun with the first TRON I didn't want to keep this from them. We watched the 2D version and I skipped over a few moments I thought would have been confronting or too violent, but once they remembered none of the people in the computer 'grid' were real, they were fine with the action.

    This is the third time I've seen this…


  • Heather

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Heather 05 Feb, 2016

    I saw this in theatres when it was released with my older brother because I was so pumped about Daft Punk doing the soundtrack, and the general appeal of the film's aesthetics.

    I dug it then, and I dig it now.

    I know I've seen the original TRON during an instance in my youth when I stayed up late one night and it was on some TV channel. I don't really remember though because it was so long ago and…


  • Josh Needle

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    Like It!


  • Spencer

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    i feel like i pretend to like this more than i actually do


  • Ryan Sheldon

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    I liked the neon lighting and the soundtrack was great


  • Renato_Lopes

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    Just so you know I watched it on the cinema (in release) and as a proof the screen of the cinema said "this movie got 2D scenes that needs to be watched with the 3D glasses so keep your glasses on" or something


  • Owen Greenwell

    ★★★ Watched by Owen Greenwell 21 Sep, 2011

    Mostly silly, more entertaining than I thought it would be.


  • Keith Abt

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    28 years (!) after the original "Tron," the grown son of Jeff Bridges' character from that film enters the digital realm of the "Grid" to investigate his father's mysterious disappearance. Turns out that Bridges has been trapped in the computer realm while his evil digital counterpart, "Clu," has taken over. Now Clu wants to escape into the "real" world. Lots of whiz-bang, way cool visual effects (Light cycles! Disc battles! Recognizers!) ensue.

    This flick probably could've been a bit shorter…


  • Luisa Tolledo

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  • David Edmundson

    ★★★ Rewatched by David Edmundson 13 Jan, 2016

    How can a film have an amazing first half and then fall apart so quickly? Killer soundtrack!