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  • Bryan Colley

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    The band digs out the old master tapes and gives a listen to The Joshua Tree. They talk about each song track by track - how it was made, how it was received - interspersed with live performances and videos. It's great stuff. Too bad it wasn't about the much more interesting Achtung Baby! This is a terrific series of DVDs generically called "Classic Albums" available through Netflix. It's mostly classic rock, but if an album you like is there, you definitely should rent it. It's a total fan's delight.


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    and when i go there

    i'll go there with you

    its all i can do!!


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    Film 25 for my December Challenge.

    What an album! Takes me back to my youth. :)

    Okay, so Bono is a bit of a prat at times but U2 have had a career spanning a good number of years and have been creating emotional and heartfelt music for much of it (some examples clearly need to be forgotten though!). This documentary gives a straight forward view of how The Joshua Tree album was conceived and is peppered both with interviews…


  • Andrew James

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    This classic album series is seriously the bees knees. I saw Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" episode and it was equally fantastic. Of course it really helps to like the band and enjoy the artistry, but just if you have interest in music production, the recording process and how creativity multiplies in the studio, this series is for you.

    My favorite bits are sitting down with genius producer Daniel Lanois and listen as he plays with the original…