• Oliver Moore

    Watched by Oliver Moore 17 Aug, 2015

    For some reason I've felt compelled to watch all of these shitty female driven action films that came out during the 2000s. Are they shitty because they are being driven by females? Of course not! "Aeon Flux" and "Underworld" suck due to poor story, characters, writing and an over reliance on style over any degree of substance. Ultraviolet suffers from all of those things, with the addition of a focus on style whilst, quite spectacularly, being completely devoid of it.…


  • Stephan

    ½ Watched by Stephan 28 Jun, 2015



  • Paul Docherty

    ★½ Watched by Paul Docherty 02 Aug, 2015

    It's a pity, really. There are some striking visual ideas in this movie that are undermined by horrible execution - the camera is often not where it should be, the framing is rarely as effective as it could be, the whole 'green-screen-iness' of the entire affair is offputting, and the script is woefully underdone. Oh yeah, and Comic Sans as the credits font. Ouch.

    That said, the film unexpectedly comes alive in the final act. As far as I can…


  • Ryuutei

    ★½ Watched by Ryuutei 31 Jul, 2015

    Is this movie is for horny kids or what ?


  • Bellarke

    ★½ Watched by Bellarke 22 Jul, 2015

    Graphics? No!
    Everything else? Mostly No!


  • Edward Blake

    ½ Added by Edward Blake

    Kurt Wimmer was the wrong Wimmer to direct this painful piece of video game cliche shit.


  • Brendan Edwards

    ★½ Watched by Brendan Edwards 24 Jun, 2015

    not the best science fiction film which is a mixture between various succesfull films in a pretty big mess of overdone special effects and not Milla Jovovich's best performance either...


  • DarknessDudeTOB

    Watched by DarknessDudeTOB 16 Jun, 2015

    This movie is bad. Really bad. The writing is on par with a poorly translated anime that got an even worse English dub. The art style would be a decent science-fiction flick if it wasn't for the overly saturated colors and blinding amount of bloom, combined with there being not a single speck of film grain which makes every single thing look like shiny plastic. And if you were here for the possibility of cool action scenes, they're not safe…


  • Keith

    ★½ Watched by Keith 05 Jun, 2015

    What a mess. Occasionally just about ok, but mostly just a mess... Mix Aeon Flux, Resident Evil, Blade and The Matrix together in a boring story, then add dodgy special effects, fairly useless actors and countless 1 vs 100 fight scenes (so many in fact that on more than one occasion they simply cut away to somewhere else instead of showing it YET again).

    How on earth did they get William Fichtner to be a part of this? The rest of them I can understand. Jovovich will do anything that puts herself on the screen and everyone else is unknown, but Fichtner???


  • JaySalahi

    ½ Watched by JaySalahi 07 Apr, 2015

    The worst movie I have ever seen.


  • Cactus Matt

    ★★ Added by Cactus Matt

    Visually spectacular but otherwise entirely lacking action film that is as forgettable as it is pretty.


  • Terése Flynn

    Watched by Terése Flynn 21 Mar, 2015 9

    Ultraviolet is Equilibrium but with super ugly special effects, vampires and Milla Jovovich as the one man... I mean, one woman army. How bad can it be? Well, really really bad. I was actually sure that my eyes were bleeding, but it was just tears that came from the realization of that those of my friends that have a home movie system, have the worst taste in movies. Because not even a 122inch screen could save Ultraviolet from being a…