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  • The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat
  • City Lights
  • Tartuffe
  • The Adventures of Robin Hood
  • Kino Eye

Film School Drop Outs - Weekly Challenge 2017

Aidan Fatkin

Aidan Fatkin 52 films Edit

I looked at Disgustipated's film challenge, and I felt as if I needed to take advantage of this. I've tried…

  • Red Roses
  • Maddalena... zero in condotta
  • Teresa Venerdì
  • A Garibaldian in the Convent
  • The Children Are Watching Us
  • Amy
  • R100
  • The Railway Man
  • Macbeth
  • Kung Fury

366 Movie Challenge


ningen_desu 340 films Edit

I'm doing a second round of the 365 movie challenge, this time with 366 films. The movies on this list…

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • The Passenger
  • Mirror
  • La dolce vita
  • Holy Motors
  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • Bernie
  • 12 Years a Slave
  • Ashes and Diamonds
  • Funny Games

A Letterboxd (Pre)Anniversary

So I'm slowly but surely getting close to the three thousand films watched mark on my profile page. This will…

  • 12 Angry Men
  • A Woman Under the Influence
  • After Hours
  • Amores perros
  • Angel's Egg

The Spork Guy's 5 Star Reviews

My ever growing list of films to which I've given a perfect score.

  • Cabiria
  • Intolerance
  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
  • The Kid
  • Nosferatu
  • A Trip to the Moon
  • The General
  • Metropolis
  • Captain Blood
  • Battleship Potemkin

Film School Drop Outs - Weekly Challenge 2017

From the pioneers of film to post-digital trailblazers, the aim of this challenge is to take you on an adventure…

  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Straight Outta Compton
  • Tangerine
  • Spotlight
  • The Big Short

1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die (2016 Edition)

List made from the book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die. This list just from the 2016 edition,…

  • All About Eve
  • The Baron of Arizona
  • The Flowers of St. Francis
  • Gone to Earth
  • The Gunfighter

Trolley’s All-Time Favourite 5-Star Rated Films – Part 3: 1950’s

For this list, in roughly chronological order, I’ve gathered together all the great films from the ’50’s I deem worthy…

  • Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler
  • Sherlock, Jr.
  • The General
  • Ménilmontant
  • The Last Command

Trolley's Masterpieces


trolleyfreak 499 films 23 Edit

In chronological order, every film I've ever seen which I've given a 4 1/2 or 5-star rating to..

  • The Movie Orgy
  • Shin Godzilla
  • Order of the Black Eagle
  • Pastoral: To Die in the Country
  • The Neon Demon


R.F.Y! Gill

R.F.Y! Gill 1,018 films Edit

I pick most of these by their posters only.

The disorganization of this list makes me want to delete it,…