Violent City Violent City

A detective sick and tired of the rampant crime and violence in his city, and constantly at odds with his superiors, is finally kicked out of the department for a "questionable" shooting of a vicious criminal. However, he is soon approached by a representative for a group of citizens who themselves are fed up with what they see as criminals going unpunished, and they make him an offer he may very well not refuse.

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New release please


Magnusp 67 films 1 Edit

Film that should get a proper release on blu ray and dvd. Some have already been released but are dated…

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Italo-Crime: My Ratings of Poliziotteschi Films

Blair Russell

Blair Russell 20 films 6 Edit

The old sub-genre of Italian films known as poliziotteschi is one I learned about a few years ago on a…