• Brett Blumenkopf

    ★★★★ Watched by Brett Blumenkopf 24 Jun, 2014

    Some of the subjects are much more interesting than others, but overall this was a very enjoyable, thought-provoking, and unique film. You can't fault Linklater for coasting, that's for sure.


  • Darby

    ★★★★½ Watched by Darby 30 Sep, 2014

    Linklater with his usual philosophical and theosophical arbitrariness.
    Incredibly ingenius though.


  • Alex_Hart

    ★★★★★ Added by Alex_Hart

    Greatest animated film ever?


  • Alberto Monroy

    ★★★ Watched by Alberto Monroy 22 Sep, 2014

    "Waking life" (Linklater, 2001) es un curioso ensayo semi monologal y trascendentalista, con una pizca de road movie onírico.

    Lo más interesante es el formato visual, pues Linklater filma a los actores en video digital y usa ese metraje como base para agregar una capa de animación creada por decenas de artistas.

    La capa animada a veces subsume por completo a la filmada, cuando el discurso vuela por la espesura filosófica; en otros momentos es a la inversa, cuando se…


  • Chris Ortman

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by Chris Ortman 20 Sep, 2014

    Filmed on digital video but animated over top by 32 different artists, "Waking Life" pulsates and shimmers with an urgent vibrancy. It’s a sight to behold. If you engage with the film, the conversations can spark ideas of your own. It’s art and can be enjoyed on multiple levels; simply as entertainment with great humor and a vibrant visual aesthetic, or you can dive right into the heady philosophical musings discussed by the people in the film or both at…


  • Robert Armitage

    ★★ Watched by Robert Armitage 18 Sep, 2014

    This film is at sea. The background is on a different plane than the fore. Each plane is riding it's own swell and I am a bit sea sick.
    Why cartoon? There is a device that captures images of normal life- waking life. It's called a camera. In this case, the answer might be to trick us, to give us eye interest while we are subjected to these character based essays and ad-hoc philosophies.
    Some of these chunks of wisdom,…


  • Adam Cadre
  • Satvrnino

    ★★★★½ Added by Satvrnino

    Algún día Richard Linklater hará una película que conmueva al mundo entero y les obligará revisar sus anteriores trabajos, hasta entonces la humanidad identificará a este pequeño filme otorgándole tardíamente su correcto lugar dentro de las obras maestras del cine.


  • Derek Kaellner

    ★★★★ Watched by Derek Kaellner 13 Jun, 2014

    The infinite possibilities of lucid dreaming drive this exploration of existence, evolution, tyranny, and freedom. A wide range of highly-eloquent characters discuss their philosophies while Linklater's protagonist travels through dreamland. Exceptionally unique, ethereally animated, and unlike any film I've seen. Like a cinematic Radiolab, you'll think differently after seeing this.


  • AMovieGuy.com's Leo Brady

    ★★★★½ Watched by AMovieGuy.com's Leo Brady 09 Sep, 2014

    Midway through Richard Linklater's animated conversation film, Waking Life, I thought to myself, I wish I knew people like this. I wish I was having this deep and this thought provoking of talks with people I know. Waking Life is what I like to call Linklater's animated version of Slacker, but set in a lucid dream-like sequence. The camera follows around Wiley Wiggins as he goes from conversation to conversation, talking to people on the streets, a professor in a…


  • Dylan Powell

    ★★★★★ Watched by Dylan Powell 09 Sep, 2014

    Simultaneously visceral and cerebral, this Linklater film is a masterpiece of intellect and existentialism. If the phrase "food for thought" bears any weight, Waking Life is an all-you-can-eat buffet.


  • Carl Sandell

    ★★ Watched by Carl Sandell 07 Sep, 2014

    A strong ending can't undo the mostly unbearable first hour. The wobbly uneven rotoscope animation is creative at times, but it doesn't serve the babbly contents. In retrospect it looks like a practice run for the far superior A Scanner Darkly, where the animation is integral to the storytelling.

    Most of the film is a stream of pretentious/nonsensical/boring monologues with philosophical/existential lectures. That kind of content can be interesting but here it's such an overload of name-dropping and stoner think-pieces…