We Need to Talk About Kevin We Need to Talk About Kevin

The mother of a teenage sociopath who went on a high-school killing spree recalls her son's deranged behavior during childhood, as she deals with her grief.

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Palme d'Or Nominees 2013 - 1946

Cityzen Kano

Cityzen Kano 1,632 films 172 56

With Cannes 2014 only six weeks away , I thought I'd put together a list. I didn't realise how ridiculously…

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My 100+ Favorite Female Performances

Eli Hayes

Eli Hayes 108 films 23 67

If you have any questions regarding which performance I'm referring to in each film selected, feel free to ask!

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Mental Disorders in Cinema: 140+ Great Depictions

Eli Hayes

Eli Hayes 144 films 54 55

I'm a psychology major hoping to become a filmmaker, so I've always been interested in the depiction of this subject…