• Adolfo Acosta

    ★★★ Added by Adolfo Acosta

    So what do you little maniacs want to do first?

    A little dated and goofy, but good 80s fun.


  • Kat

    ★★ Watched by Kat 30 Mar, 2015

    "So, what would you little maniacs like to do first?"

    I've been hearing about Weird Science for years and it took me this long to get around to finally watching it. I can thank my Film History class for this one. However, it was sort of a let down. I expected something so awesome, and all I got was something that was a little over the top and really not as great as it was made out to be. Definitely not my favorite John Hughes film.


  • freecialis

    ★★½ Watched by freecialis 08 Apr, 2015

    The first 20 minutes of this presage the entire career of Dan Harmon, which I personally feel is a great thing. Then the next 20 are marred by bizarre, misguided racial humor. In a word: uneven. Lisa's powers are ill-defined, and whatever story is being told here is all over the place, but when Hughes is funny, he's funny, and compelling and human. Young RDJr and Bill Paxton, too.



    ★★★★ Watched by LUCAS HAYNES 30 Mar, 2015

    Fuck this movie's great. I've been going through a bit of a thing of watching 80s comedies, which I haven't particularly enjoyed. 'Weird Science' was the last on the shelf and I was pretty hesitant because I hate these kind of films. And I knew I was going to hate it, but then, I didn't hate it, I loved it. It had a great pace, shitty characters, sexist and morally suspicious story, awesome effects and it was so painfully 80s,…


  • Kenny Glenn

    ★★½ Watched by Kenny Glenn 28 Mar, 2015

    I had actually never seen this before now, which I believe is why I can't give it a higher rating. This is a movie that, I believe, nostalgia would have played a huge role in affecting the score. As it is, it was fun to watch, but I don't really ever need to see it again.

    John Hughes was the master of 80's teen movies. This is just an oddity I guess. Sandwiched between "The Breakfast Club" and "Ferris Bueller's…


  • Samuel Márquez Rosado

    ★★★ Rewatched by Samuel Márquez Rosado 28 Mar, 2015

    Quizás no de las películas más interesantes de John Hughes y en algunos aspectos muy desaprovechada. La existencia de Lisa y sus poderes habría dado mucho juego con la exploración sexual de los chicos (por ejemplo, varios intentos de ligar con chicas usando los alocados poderes) o para situaciones a lo "Venganza de los Nerds" realmente divertidas.

    Sin embargo apenas se usa este recurso y la película sus dos protagonistas divaguen casi sin un guión definido, y desgraciadamente nada divertido…


  • Elijah Davidson

    ★★★ Watched by Elijah Davidson 06 Mar, 2015

    "Practically perfect in every way."

    Do we get a new Poppins every 20ish years? Is that how it works? The 60s had the original. The 80s had this. We got Her. Is that why LeBrock is doing the British-ish accent?


  • andibgoode

    Watched by andibgoode 17 Aug, 2006

    Note: date not accurate as I forgot to record it for a few films in 2006.


  • Jonathan L.

    Added by Jonathan L.

    I suppose this classic needed to be enjoyed in the 80s, as there was little for me to appreciate here.


  • Jordan McLaughlin

    ★★ Watched by Jordan McLaughlin 24 Feb, 2015

    Definitely the worst John Hughes movie I've seen to date. This film is a lot of things, but it's definitely:
    -Slightly misogynistic
    -Absurdly dumb, and not hokey all in good fun 80s' dumb, but just plain dumb
    -And most of all, boring.
    It felt like John Hughes after making all these classics just decided to slap some crap together to make a quick buck. The story is lazy, the plot is weak, and the subject of the film, Kelly Lebrock,…


  • Darren Fx

    ★★★★½ Watched by Darren Fx 21 Feb, 2015

    "Can we keep this... between us? I'd hate to lose my teaching job..."

    I have a soft spot for both John Hughes and '80's teen comedies.

    Weird Science is a combination of the two.

    So the method of making Lisa doesn't make sense or anything to do with Lisa makes sense at all, but that's the point, it's supposed to be batshit crazy funny, and it is indeed batshit crazy funny. Bill Paxton gets turned into a pile of shit,…


  • Gregory David Escobar

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Gregory David Escobar 13 Feb, 2015 1

    Es una "Mary Poppins" sexual y en el contexto de la fantasía de la pubertad en 1985. Es, claro, el John Hughes mas absurdo.

    Obviamente es una estupidez maravillosa con millones de plot-holes puestos allí a propósito como elementos cómicos.

    Gran casting. Bill Paxton, Robert Downey Jr, Anthony Michael Hall y la gran Kelly Lebrock.

    Y música de Van Halen, Oingo Boingo y otros.

    Deberían hacer una cada década, para adaptarla a los códigos pubertos pop de la época.