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  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • Lifeforce Lifeforce
  • Cutthroat Island Cutthroat Island
  • Heavy Metal Heavy Metal
  • Ricochet Ricochet

Film Score of the Day


Buscemi 757 films

A series on Reel Society (previously on, now on the site's Facebook page) on film scores. Ordered by episode…

  • Don't Look Now Don't Look Now
  • Medium Cool Medium Cool
  • Speed Speed
  • Transcendence Transcendence
  • Get Shorty Get Shorty
  • Alice Sweet Alice Alice Sweet Alice
  • All the Colors of the Dark All the Colors of the Dark
  • Alucarda Alucarda
  • The Forbidden Room The Forbidden Room
  • Antichrist Antichrist

Kier-La's Women.


nixskits 206 films 8

Films listed in the 'Appendix: Compendium of Female Neurosis' from Kier-La Janisse's HOUSE OF PSYCHOTIC WOMEN (2012). Check this awesome…

  • Peeping Tom Peeping Tom
  • Psycho Psycho
  • Blow-Up Blow-Up
  • The Wild Bunch The Wild Bunch
  • El Topo El Topo

Roger Ebert Rates Controversial Films


nixskits 135 films 4

The late, great critic reviewed many boundary pushing and headline grabbing films over the years. Here are some of them,…

  • Les Abysses Les Abysses
  • The Children's Hour The Children's Hour
  • The Enchantment The Enchantment
  • Dracula's Daughter Dracula's Daughter
  • Personal Best Personal Best

Of Lesbian Interest


Matthew 124 films

From the 1996 edition of Raymond Murray's Images in the Dark: An Encyclopedia of Gay and Lesbian Film and Video,…

  • Victor/Victoria Victor/Victoria
  • Desert Hearts Desert Hearts
  • Claire of the Moon Claire of the Moon
  • When night is falling When night is falling
  • The Birdcage The Birdcage
  • 10 to Midnight 10 to Midnight
  • Absurd Absurd
  • Alice Sweet Alice Alice Sweet Alice
  • All the Boys Love Mandy Lane All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
  • Alone in the Dark Alone in the Dark

The Slasher Movie Book (AKA: Teenage Wasteland)

Justin LaLiberty

Justin LaLiberty 392 films

This list is meant to compile the films mentioned in J. A. Kerswell’s slasher movie tome THE SLASHER MOVIE BOOK,…

  • The Bat The Bat
  • The Cat and the Canary The Cat and the Canary
  • The Old Dark House The Old Dark House
  • Thirteen Women Thirteen Women
  • The Terror The Terror

The Slasher Movie Book by J.A. Kerswell


James 208 films 2

All of the movies listed in The Slasher Movie Book

  • Ballet mécanique Ballet mécanique
  • Symphonie diagonale Symphonie diagonale
  • Borderline Borderline
  • Pour un soir..! Pour un soir..!
  • Limite Limite
  • The Shining The Shining
  • The Elephant Man The Elephant Man
  • The Fog The Fog
  • Ordinary People Ordinary People
  • Atlantic City Atlantic City



Jaliscus 50 films

  • Dickson Experimental Sound Film Dickson Experimental Sound Film
  • Algie the Miner Algie the Miner
  • A Florida Enchantment A Florida Enchantment
  • Behind the Screen Behind the Screen
  • Manslaughter Manslaughter

All films mentioned in The Celluloid Closet

The Celluloid Closet (1995) directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman is a great look at the history of queer…

  • The Entity The Entity
  • Paranormal Activity Paranormal Activity
  • Outer Space Outer Space
  • Dream Work Dream Work
  • The Corruption of Chris Miller The Corruption of Chris Miller

House of Psychotic Women

dana danger

dana danger 192 films 1

A list of the films discussed in Keir-La Janisse’s (excellent) book House of Psychotic Women: An Autobiographical Topography of Female…