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  • The Shining
  • Dressed to Kill
  • Stardust Memories
  • Raging Bull
  • Bona

Top Films of 1980

Daph Bajas

Daph Bajas 10 films Edit

RANKED. My favorite 1980 world premiere films I graded A.

Top 10:
1. The Shining (Stanley Kubrick)
2. Dressed to…

  • The Godfather
  • Manhattan
  • Annie Hall
  • The Parallax View
  • Windows

Gordon Willis


the_narrator 11 films Edit

Inspired by RagingTaxiDriver's similar lists, I am listing all the films I have seen from assorted DoPs that I admire.…

  • Dark City
  • Capricorn One
  • Dances with Wolves
  • The Last of the Mohicans
  • The Italian Job

35mm Most Wanted


CaptainBligh 117 films Edit

35mm Most Wanted

  • The Watcher
  • Different from the Others
  • M. Butterfly
  • Maurice
  • Where the Truth Lies

Infamous Queer episodes


Louisa 39 films Edit

All the movies reviewed on Infamous Queer. Obviously this excludes reviews of things that aren't movies, but such is the…

  • The Shining
  • The Elephant Man
  • The Fog
  • Mon oncle d'Amérique
  • Bad Timing



Jaliscus 54 films Edit

  • Ballet mécanique
  • Symphonie diagonale
  • Borderline
  • Pour un soir..!
  • Limite
  • Can't Stop the Music
  • Cruising
  • The Formula
  • Friday the 13th
  • The Jazz Singer

Every Film Nominated For A Razzie Award


jasoninatree 749 films Edit

All the films nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award from 1981 to present.

Crazy nominations.

Stanley Kubrick - Worst Director…

  • Anywhere But Here
  • Restless
  • U2: Rattle and Hum
  • Cool as Ice
  • A Walk in the Clouds

Bad Movies Shot by Great Cinematographers

A list of the films I'm covering in this ongoing series. See the notes for links to my entries.

  • Abar, the First Black Superman
  • Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe
  • The Adventures of Pluto Nash
  • After Earth
  • Airport

Weird, wild, psychotronic, so-bad-they're-good, and some of the worst movies EVER.

Matt Severson

Matt Severson 277 films 2 Edit

Feeling like your Letterboxd ratings graph is not evenly-distributed enough? Look no further, friends. Any of these films could help…

  • Can't Stop the Music
  • Cruising
  • The Formula
  • Friday the 13th
  • The Jazz Singer

The Golden Raspberry Nominees for Worst Picture 1980-2014

The Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture is an award given out at the annual Golden Raspberry Awards to the…

  • The Blue Lagoon
  • Dressed to Kill
  • The First Deadly Sin
  • The Shining
  • Saturn 3

The Golden Raspberry Nominees for Worst Leading Actress 1980-2015

The Razzie Award for Worst Leading Actress is presented at the annual Golden Raspberry Awards to the worst leading actress…

  • End of the Road
  • Loving
  • The Landlord
  • The People Next Door
  • Little Murders