• John Dow

    ★★★★★ Watched by John Dow 22 Apr, 2016

    #2 in my trilogy of awesome


  • joelnox

    ★★★ Added by joelnox

    Grim ultra depressing film with a knockout performance from Jennifer Lawrence.


  • Katie

    ★★½ Watched by Katie 19 Apr, 2016

    [Scroll down for english review]

    Interessantes Setting und gute Story, doch leider konnte mich die Atmosphäre des Films nicht einfangen. Die Charaktere kamen mir nicht nahe und auch Jennifer Lawrence konnte mich nicht übermäßig begeistern. Der Film ist nicht schlecht und hat so seine Momente, insgesamt fand ich ihn aber doch eher langatmig und belanglos.
    Interesting setting and good story, but the atmosphere of the movie didn't catch me. I couldn't feel the characters and Jennifer Lawrence could not convince me either. The movie is not bad, it had a few good moments, but overall I found it quite boring.


  • Antonio Quintero

    ★★★★ Watched by Antonio Quintero 20 Feb, 2011

    A great murder mystery in the Appalachian mountains.


  • EvanstonDad

    ★★★★½ Added by EvanstonDad

    Based on what I'd heard in advance about "Winter's Bone," Debra Granik's uncompromising portrait of life in a dismally poor area of the Missouri Ozarks, I'd expected the people in it to be creatures straight out of "Deliverance" or "Tobacco Road." I was somewhat surprised, therefore, at the start by how much better off, at least in terms of literal living conditions, these people seem to be. I don't live in an area like the one depicted in the film,…


  • Alistair Ryder

    ★★★★ Watched by Alistair Ryder 14 Apr, 2016

    An inversion of The Searchers (this time about a daughter searching for her deadbeat dad), with the technicolour cinematography favoured by John Ford replaced with the greyest colour palette in cinema history. Humanism at its most raw, showing us the effects the recession has had on the working poor (in this case, struggling to find work) without ever threatening to make a political point. If this wasn't enough, it has the J-Law performance to end all J-Law performances.


  • Luke

    ★★★★ Watched by Luke 26 Feb, 2011



  • iksvecjart

    ★★★★ Watched by iksvecjart 27 Mar, 2016

    Wonderful performances from across the board, including and especially Jennifer Lawrence, complement what is a terrific lesson on independent filmmaking done right.


  • Tom Austin-Morgan

    ★★★ Watched by Tom Austin-Morgan 03 Apr, 2016

    No one is having any fun in this story of a girl trying to protect her family after her Dad skips his court hearing and leaves them facing eviction. Jennifer Lawrence shows how she'd go on to be one of the great leading ladies of our time in this rather grim, unglamorous performance. Even the conclusion is a bit cold and joyless, if you want a laugh look elsewhere.


  • Edward Blake

    ★★½ Rewatched by Edward Blake 01 Apr, 2016

    I started this last week, but couldn't finish.
    Now that I did, I can say it's not a bad movie, it's ok, but one of the more overrated films of the decade (critically).
    The acting is good, and this is probably Lawrence's best performance, but a lot of the story feels dull and repetitive.
    I couldn't care and the filmmaking wasn't as sinking either.
    It's cold without any sense or temperature.
    I started falling asleep at parts and didn't feel…


  • nashkalina

    ★★★ Added by nashkalina

    De las primeras películas de Jennifer Lawrence. Luego le dio por creérsela y ahora actúa sin chiste como en 'Joy'.
    De esas pelis deprimentes que a pocos les gustan.


  • Kyle Knapp

    ★★ Watched by Kyle Knapp 22 Jan, 2011

    A few worthy performances and a great sense of place and atmosphere aren't enough to save this from its soapy, wooden, terribly presentational screenplay. It often feels like it's trying to teach you a lesson about the culture it depicts, rather than simply showing it to you, and the scenes of 'local color' seem childishly slapped on. I found this unimpactful, amateurish, and uninvolving.