• DKAudio

    ★★½ Watched by DKAudio 11 Apr, 2014

    While driving in some Australian back roads a small group experiences car trouble. A "nice" local agrees to take them back to his place to work on their vehicle and takes them captive.

    I almost felt like I had watched this film before, nothing really new or groundbreaking in it. It does have some very exciting and high tension scenes though. A deep hatred towards the antagonist will develop.


  • Kat Moir

    ★★ Watched by Kat Moir 09 Feb, 2015

    In terms of boring, predictable, pointless slasher movies, this wasn't a bad one.

    Sometimes quite tense, but absolutely no back-story to the killer and a bit of an unsatisfying conclusion means it just doesn't quite hit the mark.

    In other news: the Australian Outback is stunning.

    And the fact I noticed that means this film wasn't near scary enough.


  • Ryland Dinneen

    ★★½ Added by Ryland Dinneen

    Everything about this movie seems to be on some sort of middle ground, and it never uses it's full potential. It left me feeling emotionless and rather uninterested.


  • Zaimus Dzewandee

    ★★★½ Watched by Zaimus Dzewandee 23 Dec, 2010

    A truly suspenseful horror tale of three back-packers set in the Australian outback.

    Having no idea what this film was about, I assumed it was going to be some kind of alien abduction movie. It turns out to be one of the most classically driven new horror films I've seen in awhile; no contrived plot twists or appeals to other films, no excessive gore scenes which often just look silly or are exploitive. There is a lot of soul in…


  • mo_shack

    ★★★ Watched by mo_shack 28 Jan, 2015

    Wolf Creek avoids most of the tired clichéd nonsense usually found in the genre and ends up being unpredictable and intense as a result.


  • Ghostsmut

    ★★ Watched by Ghostsmut 21 Jan, 2015

    I found it more unsettling that this was some weird fantasy by the only survivor who blamed it on an unkillable nonsense Crocodile Dundee figure. Felt like the end downplayed the significance of the events. It'd be like making a film about 9/11 and saying it was done by the characters from Pixar's Planes.

    Wolf Creek has a simple set up that got dumb really quick. Bad acting throughout. Nearly saved by a gruesome and nasty bit where a girl…


  • The Phantom Erik

    ★★★ Watched by The Phantom Erik 09 Jul, 2014

    I’m actually okay with the fact that this may not all be based on a true story; it’s still creepy as hell and has atmosphere for days. John Jarratt deserves placement with some of the horror icons of previous decades for his out-of-nowhere performance here. It’s got great pacing and eerie scenery up to about the halfway point where it unfortunately unspools quickly, feeling almost like an entirely different film. Have to give it an extra thumb, however, just for the knee to the crotch ending.


  • Mark_Lemmond

    ★★½ Watched by Mark_Lemmond 13 Jan, 2015

    The one thing I can't stand in horror movies is all that wasted time before things get interesting. If the director is any good then the pain can be minimized unfortunately that's not the case here. The first half of the film is torture to sit through, the second half is one overused cliche after another. Given this movie's reputation I was hoping for more.


  • Michael Gannaway / Hucksta G

    ★★★ Watched by Michael Gannaway / Hucksta G 27 Dec, 2014

    Bit disappointed with this one, it wasn't much more than an average horror film along with frustratingly stupid characters and a cartoonish antagonist.


  • Cinemaddict

    ★★ Watched by Cinemaddict 19 Dec, 2014 8

    I see a lot of reviewers mention how great the villain is in this. To me, a great villain has a motive or background that drives them to do what they do, e.g. Norman Bates. The only thing that makes this bad guy notable is how surprisingly sadistic he is.

    There was a really good build up to all the action, one worthy of a good second half. But the great character building of the first half only leaves us…


  • Collykibber

    ★★½ Watched by Collykibber 17 Dec, 2014

    I like that, for long periods, the movie keeps away from supernatural type miraculous survivals and pop out of nowhere appearances. The bad guy just seems to be a psychotic dickhead, taking advantage of the Outbacks emptiness to get his jollies. In one sense that gives grit to this "true story" tag. On the other, it makes later events sickening and sadistic...at which point the connoisseur will probably be wondering, what's wrong with that? To me you can always take…


  • Tim

    ★★★ Added by Tim

    "Wolf Creeks" starts out ordinarily enough, and the story follows along the same plot line of dozens of other similar horror movies. It's claim to fame, however, is in being something of an endurance test for the audience, seemingly asking them "How much can you take?"

    First-time writer and director Greg Mclean is clearly a skilled filmmaker. and his debut feature packs a punch with its garish grindhouse style. The three leads are bland and interchangeable, as their only purpose…