• Daniel Boulton

    ★★★★ Added by Daniel Boulton

    "I'm the Juggernaut Bitch"

    need I say any more?


  • ObiJuanKenobi27

    ★★ Watched by ObiJuanKenobi27 10 Feb, 2016

    Bad dialogue and a plot that makes a mess of itself.


  • Josefa Ruz

    ★★★½ Added by Josefa Ruz

    Cyclops my man why are you so stupid sometimes? Loved seeing Angel boy yo!


  • Matt Hurt

    ★★ Rewatched by Matt Hurt 04 May, 2014

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  • sandy

    ★★★★★ Watched by sandy 05 Feb, 2016

    Wherever we may go, we must carry on his vision. And that is a vision of a world united.


  • Josh Needle

    Added by Josh Needle

    Hate It!


  • dbgirl

    ★★½ Added by dbgirl

    I see I think differently again than other people. I think this part was the best and most interesting part so far, or at least as good as the first one was. It was the second part that was bad.

    Even they dealt things in this movie very superficially, or actually not at all really, at least this had interesting themes from which the biggest and most important was: do people have the right to change mutants to humans.



  • Sara Michelle

    ★★½ Watched by Sara Michelle 15 Mar, 2013

    “We live in an age of darkness. A world full of fear, hate and intolerance. But in every age, there are those who fight against it. Charles Xavier was born into a world divided. A world he tried to heal.” Ororo/Storm

    There’s a lot happening in this film. Some of it is good, and some not so much. I’m not the biggest fan of the “Jean coming back to life” bit and the “I can save her because I love…


  • pink_sock

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  • Michael

    ★★ Added by Michael

    Some good action sequences and it was cool to see various mutants from the comics on screen, but as a movie ... meh.


  • Avery Hinks

    ★★ Added by Avery Hinks

    Jean Grey dies, but then she doesn't.

    The X-Men are attacked by a sentinel, but then they aren't.

    Professor X dies, but then he doesn't.

    There's a mutant serum that really works, but then it doesn't.

    Cyclops dies, but does he?

    What actually DOES happen in this movie?


  • Keith Abt

    ★★½ Added by Keith Abt

    The X-Men "trilogy" comes to a close. Magneto's still bein' a pain in the ass, this time declaring war on humanity after they develop a "cure" for the mutant gene.

    Meanwhile, Jean Grey goes batsh*t crazy and becomes Dark Phoenix.
    This entry doesn't seem to be very popular with the fanboys but I didn't mind it. I guess cuz it's been years since I read an X-Men comic so I'm not that close to the material where I'd start picking…