• 13

    ★★★★★ Watched by 13 17 Sep, 2014

    buckets of shit and poetry choking your kitten while we dance the grey tuna shuffle


  • Ian W. Hill

    ★★★★½ Rewatched by Ian W. Hill 19 Aug, 2014

    In many ways, a trifle -- more and more appearing like a series of small cute skits to barely hold together some terrific illustrations of Beatles songs, but the skits are very cute and cool, and the song sequences are mostly brilliant.

    The "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" sequence, a tour-de-force of rotoscope animation, is not only one of my favorite pieces of animation, but one of my favorite scenes in any movie ever. And the "Eleanor Rigby" scene…


  • Alberto del Rio Medina

    ★★★★★ Watched by Alberto del Rio Medina 14 Aug, 2014

    Esta muy divertida, Pepperland esta segura gracias a los Beatles.
    Lo más divertido es Ringo y como está todo deprimido e inseguro, y los otros tres se van sobre Él, votaneandolo y así.


  • Aaron King

    ★★★½ Watched by Aaron King 22 Jul, 2014

    Non Beatles viewers will dislike this film to the nth degree but fans of their music will enjoy it despite how strange the world is that the cartoon inhabits. I think it is my least favorite Beatles film that they have been in but it still features some of their great music.


  • EvanPrzesiecki

    ★★★★★ Added by EvanPrzesiecki

    I was having some crazy Beatles nostalgia today. Last night I was in bed staring at the ceiling and I kept thinking just how surreal it is that a band like this could exist.

    I thought about the time I saw this movie in the theatre, and the projectionist decided to turn the volume up to the highest possible level. He or she is the greatest projectionist of all time. My ears were ringing afterwards, but the jingle of Hey…


  • sebastian_drogo

    ★★★½ Added by sebastian_drogo

    Coloratissima e scanzonata avventura d'animazione
    dei fab four, scandita dai pezzi contenuti in St. Pepper's
    lonely heart band.


  • systm1111

    ★★★ Added by systm1111

    Ad hoc, ad loc and quid pro quo! So little time! So much to know!


  • Ethan Rosenberg

    Watched by Ethan Rosenberg 21 Jun, 2014

    Roger Ebert's Great Movies # awww fuck it. Who cares if I keep count? The man had good taste!

    "Nothing is Beatle proof!" - John Lennon

    "I like that good rock and roll, uh, music." - Scott Aukerman

    It's true, you know. Nothing is Beatle proof. Not even surrealism, the most elliptical and alienating of artistic movements, can hold stead in the Beatles' wake. And it's magical, really, seeing them conquer it. Truly magical.

    Here is a film that cares…


  • Rti03

    ★★★★ Watched by Rti03 11 Jun, 2014 1

    "George: It's all in the mind, you know!"

    Recently i have watched two movies which are centered in two legendary bands, those movies being The Last Waltz(The Band) and Pink Floyd-The Wall. They are very different from one another but i enjoyed watching both and one of the things i enjoyed the most was to get to know better these bands that have a huge legacy and name but i actually do not know much from. And with that in…


  • Pandamonium

    ★★★ Added by Pandamonium

    Weird, trippy animation featuring the Beatles in a battle versus the Blue Meanies. It starts wit the attack of the Blue Meanies on a land full of musicians which they silence, but then the journey of the Beatles to battle the Meanies with music starts. I thought the first hour or so was fascinating, I loved the journey in the yellow submarine and some of the jokes and the ingenuity but I thought the film ran out of ideas when…


  • Nick Fury

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Nick Fury 19 May, 2012

    Saw this at my local AMC, a total surprise to find it playing at my local cineplex. Having only seen it on television it was quite an experience to see the vibrancy of the colors of Pepper-Land on a big screen. The movie is hardly a widescreen spectacle, but regardless its a film clearly meant to be watched on a big screen where the psychedelic imagery can swallow you in along with Beatles classics ('Nowhere Man', 'All You Need is…


  • Amanda Hamilton

    ★★★★½ Rewatched by Amanda Hamilton 15 May, 2014

    I should stop beginning statements (especially reviews here) with "Its weird that..." so I'll try:

    The first time I saw "Yellow Submarine", me and my family were in between houses: we had just moved out of house and were looking for another one and in the meantime were living in a hotel. We went to the library to get some books and some VHS tapes (our room had a VCR) and among those videos was "Yellow Submarine". What made my…