• elias1026

    ★★★ Watched by elias1026 01 Mar, 2015


    You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger is one of the many Woody Allen movies that really doesn't get enough credit at all. Of course, this is no Annie Hall, but that doesn't mean it isn't classic Woody Allen in its quirky, offbeat comedy, and wide array of hilariously outrageous characters.


  • Gustavo Menezes

    ★½ Watched by Gustavo Menezes 20 Feb, 2015

    The absolute lack of well-developped characters and situations makes this movie SO annoying. The story's not entertaining in the least, and even if it were, it's all ruined by the incessant narrator! Awful.


  • Thomas Williams

    ★★½ Added by Thomas Williams

    You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger is Woody Allen-lite. It is still signature-Woody Allen and it has all of his trademark criteria -- it is intellectual, the dialogue has some zingers and the cast is pretty and talented -- but it isn't as funny or profound as his better work. Stranger falls somewhere in the middle of this director's wide array of film offerings: better than Curse of the Jade Scorpion, Celebrity and Hollywood Ending but not as satisfying…


  • Michael Samerdyke

    ★★★★ Watched by Michael Samerdyke 29 Jan, 2015

    While this film will be perpetually overshadowed as the Woody Allen film before "Midnight in Paris," I found it very enjoyable. I loved the way the film followed its characters and their increasingly complex relationships.

    While there weren't moments that struck me as great comic setpieces, I did find myself laughing out loud at the knots the characters seemed to die themselves into. For all the talk about how "Grand Budapest Hotel" was "Lubitschian," I think this film is actually…


  • Anabel

    ★★★ Watched by Anabel 27 Jan, 2015

    Que no tienes porqué hacer películas todos los años, Woody Allen. Sosiega y haz algo realmente bueno.


  • Stephen Earnest

    ★★★½ Watched by Stephen Earnest 23 Jan, 2015 2

    I just really love the consistency of late-period Woody Allen and how overwhelmingly nice his recent output is—how his sheer likability as a filmmaker can make me pack up my critical bags and enjoy his films in spite of their flaws. This is not always the case, because he has made some stinkers over the years—Whatever Works, Cassandra's Dream—but for the most part, he's just really, really hard to not like.

    I would file You Will Meet a Tall Dark…


  • Adam Redman

    ★★ Watched by Adam Redman 10 Jan, 2015

    Bit of a mess, really. Naomi Watts and Antonio Banderas have lots of long conversations about art galleries. Anthony Hopkins is all at sea in a load of waffle that doesn't go anywhere, although he does get the one good laugh of the film. Only Gemma Jones and Roger Ashton-Griffiths get to have any fun, as a pair of giddy new age duffers.


  • frumaster

    ★★★ Added by frumaster

    First hour was fantastic, final 30-40 minutes was tedious and aimless.


  • Peter Van Riet

    ★★★ Added by Peter Van Riet

    Yes! This was a good one, Woody. Just stick to your more coherent stories, don't make them too long, and they're perfect! Well, almost.


  • Carter

    ★★½ Watched by Carter 05 Jan, 2015

    The performances are good all around, but the story is thin and its resolution thinner.


  • Jordi Sánchez-Navarro

    ★★ Watched by Jordi Sánchez-Navarro 02 Jan, 2015 4

    Ay, qué lejos estoy de (este) Woody Allen.


  • Simon Columb

    ★★ Added by Simon Columb

    Squeezed between Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Midnight in Paris are two less-known features. Whatever Works harks back to earlier scripts while You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger is a mish-mash of actors and threads of stories that are, ultimately, forgettable. Alfie (Hopkins) divorces his wife, Helena (Jones), while daughter Sally (Watts) struggles with her own husband, Roy (Brolin). Roy falls for younger-model Dia (Pinto)as Sally herself fantasizes about her boss Greg (Banderas). Allen explains how what weaves the stories…