The 100 Greatest Movies of All Time (by Total Film)

In 2005, Total Film Magazine presented what must be one of the silliest Top 100 lists ever. The list was compiled by the TF team and not by readers and should therefore be taken more 'seriously'.

The worst part is that they managed to avoid - with one single exception - the inclusion of Japanese films. I guess they never saw Seven Samurai...?

But they do love their Scorsese films, don't they?


  • I agree that this is not the greatest top 100 ever, but to their credit they do include Tokyo Story (a Japanese film, so they didn't ignore them completely) which is usually quite overlooked.

  • Yes, like I wrote, there is one exception. It's not enough to be taken seriously though, coming from a magazine. I would however had no issues with this one coming from a private person.

  • I stopped taking this list seriously when I saw Goodfellas at #1. When I saw Donnie Darko, I began writing my suicide note.

    Fuck this list.

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