2012 2009 ★★★★★

John Cusack running away from a huge ash cloud automatically gets this film five out of five.


  • This film is the worst. I like Cusack but most everything in this film is just terrible.. way too long.

  • Wow Five Stars!! I turned this off. I hated this film. Do you own this? I should give this a second chance next time your around. Maybe I won't though because we only have 6 months to live and I should only watch good films. HaHa! I still can't belive you gave Inside one star. That's arguably my favorite horror film of the last decade.

  • I will admit that to the layman this film would seem like absolute garbage, but to a disaster movie aficionado like myself this film has all the makings of a masterpiece. Every single disaster movie cliche is on full display in the film. There are famous monuments being destroyed, an uninvolved father who has to take care of his family, a high up government douche bag, a dog, etc. Also the fact that in a half hour period this film features the characters taking off in a plane and avoiding a disaster not once, but three times, fills me with pure joy.

    @grooveman: I do own it, so I will hook you up. As for Inside, I think we need to hash it out in person. There is too much I hate about it to write on here.

  • @Filmape. Cool I'll give 2012 another go and as far as Inside is concerned, I'll gladly debate it's brialliance with you. HaHa! Actually what's funny is that the way you feel about 2012 and disater movies is the exact same way I feel about horror films and Inside.

  • I agree with FilmApe. In the context of 70s trash (Poseidon Adventure, Earthquake, Airport '77) 2012 fits perfectly. Those movies are pretty bad though. I watched them for a perspective on where special f/x where and how they advanced and I think 2012 is a nice evolution of that timeline.

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