The Thing 2011

During the Summer my film consumption goes way down due to the fact that I just don't have much free time. This means that wasting my time on a garbage film like The Thing remake/prequel is all the more maddening. There isn't a single interesting or unique idea in the film, and the handling of the creature is horrid. All the characters are one note, with the only thing brought to the table being decent facial hair. Pretty much bored the entire runtime of the film, and now I am depressed as I think about the lack of creativity in films these days.


  • I liked it more than you but it's instantly forgetable. I remember nothing except that it kinda sucked. I gave it 3 stars but I think I was very generous.

  • I have never even seen the trailer lest it sully my appreciation of what I believe is the best film ever...

  • @grooveman: Three stars is very generous, like Mother Theresa generous.

    @mudshark_baby: I admire your conviction. For me watching this remake actually strengthened my love for Carpenter's film, a love that was all ready very strong.

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