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  • Two Days, One Night

    Two Days, One Night 2014

    ★★★★½ Watched 10 Sep, 2015 6

    Pretty much loved everything about this film. The repetition of her explanation about why she has come to see each of her coworkers develops so naturally, and it is fascinating to me each time she does it. I also was very aware of the way that people interacted with her, and the attempt to keep up social niceties, despite the awkwardness of the interaction. By far my favourite scene is the one on the soccer pitch, which is just wonderful.…

  • Groundhog Day

    Groundhog Day 1993

    ★★★★★ Rewatched 07 Sep, 2015 2

    The PG movie intended for adults is as dead as the dinosaurs, but I don't mind getting out my mini hammer and rock toothbrush in order to dig up a flick like Groundhog Day, because it is a timeless flick that delivers every time.

  • Adventureland

    Adventureland 2009

    ★★★★ Rewatched 07 Sep, 2015

    "I hope they call me Henry when I die to."

  • Raising Arizona

    Raising Arizona 1987

    ★★★★★ Rewatched 06 Sep, 2015 4

    Only Malick films rival Raising Arizona when it comes to awarding the best use of voice over award, and that is a compliment of the highest order. Everything about this flick is the truth, and all the moments in the film hit so hard. When this flick is funny, it is oh so funny, and when this flick is hearwarming, it is a feeling like a little bit of my soul has apparently survived the tortures of adulthood. That ending is so beautiful to me, and it warms my heart so much.

  • Licence to Kill

    Licence to Kill 1989

    ★★★ Watched 06 Sep, 2015 2

    I am pretty sure that this is the only 007 film that I had yet to see, and it seems like the slightly above par was saved for last. The action set pieces are extremely memorable, with scenes at both the beginning and end of the film having Bond dropping out of a plane onto other vehicle. The semi truck stuff is also very enjoyable, and I like the explosions particularly. However, the rest of the movie is very uninteresting, and plods along at a very slow pace.

  • Curtains

    Curtains 1983

    ★★★ Watched 05 Sep, 2015 3

    Dario Argento Canadian style, Curtains delivers a creepy mask, and a couple memorable scenes, but is too scattered plot wise to be a real must see. I think it might improve on a rewatch though.

  • The Terminal

    The Terminal 2004

    ★★★½ Rewatched 05 Sep, 2015 4

    I am away from my movie collection for this long weekend, but I am with my DVD collection. Long story short, my back got destroyed by a bed I am not used to sleeping in, so I was up at 3am looking for a film to watch until the pain medicine kicked in. The Terminal at 3am and in pain seems like mana from heaven, but finishing it this afternoon had me thinking it was pretty vanilla. I think that really comes down to the fact that the first half is strong, but the second half feels like they didn't know where to take the story.

  • Halloween: Resurrection

    Halloween: Resurrection 2002

    ★★½ Rewatched 05 Sep, 2015

    After the horrible opening, which is completed unrelated to the rest of the film, Halloween: Resurrection basically becomes a Friday the 13th movie, with Michael Myers having zero motivation for killing, aside from the fact that he is a killer. I actually find this flick to be a bit of fresh air in the series, given that it gets away from all the cult stuff, and just has people getting killed for the sake of people getting killed. It's still a very dated film, and hardly one that I would call good, but it's superior in my opinion to 4, 5, 6, and 7.

  • Halloween: H20

    Halloween: H20 1998

    ★★ Rewatched 03 Sep, 2015 3

    I know that all of you just watch this movie so that you can rock out to this credits song.

  • Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

    Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers 1995

    Rewatched 02 Sep, 2015 2

    This resembles the Rob Zombie Halloween films more than any of the other films in the series. It makes zero sense, has some heavy metal guitar going on, some momentarily weird visuals, and a lady in a white dress.

  • Straight Outta Compton

    Straight Outta Compton 2015

    ★★★ Watched 01 Sep, 2015 8

    While the first half of the movie feels like the film has successfully elevated past your average biopic cliches, the second half is completely just standard biopic stuff. A good film, but nothing to really write home about.

  • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

    Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers 1989

    Rewatched 31 Aug, 2015 6

    Man, the combo of Halloween 4 and Halloween 5 is one noxious combination. You think that it can't possibly get any worse than 4, and then 5 comes along to plumb new depths of terribleness. This idea that we would want to watch a ten year old kid be terrorized is completely off base. Seriously, who watched the first Halloween and was like, this is good, but now imagine how good it would be with a pre-teen instead of early…