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  • Don't Be Afraid of the Dark 2010

    ★★★ Watched 20 Apr, 2014

    An enjoyable modern fairy tale that is surprisingly nasty in parts. It suffers from a lack of tension for most of the running time but ends on a high note with a great ending.

    Even though he only produced it, you can definitely feel Guillermo Del Toro's touch in this

  • Red Lights 2012

    Watched 19 Apr, 2014

    Preposterous, ridiculous, and actually rather offensive in parts. Would make a great double-bill with the equally appalling Now You See Me.

    Elizabeth Olsen looks like she is wondering what she's doing in here the whole film, Craig Roberts & Toby Jones' American accents are entertaining enough, Cillian Murphy shows that he can play any kind of psychopaths/weirdos but cannot do straight forward leading man for the life of him. Sigourney Weaver keeps her usual class but Robert de Niro is an…

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  • Love Actually 2003

    ½ Rewatched 30 Dec, 2013

    Letterboxd is going to be interesting as an external influence is making me watch films I truly do not want to. Such as this. Or in this case, rewatch it. Love. Actually has recently been comprehensively demolished, and rightly so.

    Does this deserve its reputation as the worst, most heinous film ever made? Are we being too harsh? Are us, UK based bloggers, too easily giving a pass to American rom-coms while being too severe on their home grown counterparts?…

  • The Wolverine 2013

    ★★★ Watched 15 Apr, 2014

    A mixed bag even if it is a considerable improvement on the dire first Wolverine.

    There is an attempt to do something different from what we have seen in the X-Men franchise, with a nicely used Japanese setting, and a more sombre story with a certain depth to it. But the film does not quite pull it off, with the first hour in particular feeling particularly flat. It does improve and there are hints of how a different scriptwriter and…