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  • Under the Skin
  • Ex Machina
  • While We're Young
  • Locke
  • Krisha

A24 Films Ranked

28 films

You know, that I've seen.

  • Raising Arizona
  • The Princess Bride
  • Full Metal Jacket
  • House of Games
  • Wings of Desire

Films of 1987

58 films

I put about as much thought into this as the TEEN WOLF TOO producers did.

Hear Filmspotting's Top 5 Films…

  • Annie Hall
  • Crimes and Misdemeanors
  • Manhattan
  • Hannah and Her Sisters
  • The Purple Rose of Cairo
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • Born to Be Blue
  • Cemetery of Splendor
  • Everybody Wants Some!!
  • Hail, Caesar!

Best Films of 2016 (So Far)

16 films

Taken from the top 5 lists of Adam, Josh and Michael Phillips, plus guest #1 choices. As shared on Filmspotting…

  • Finding Nemo
  • WALL·E
  • Toy Story 2
  • Toy Story
  • Inside Out

Ranked: Pixar

15 films

Ooh, that #11 is going to get me into trouble...

[Unseen: Cars 2, The Good Dinosaur]

  • Citizen Kane
  • The Godfather
  • The Godfather: Part II
  • All the President's Men
  • Star Wars

Filmspotting Pantheon

40 films

Great movies -- not necessarily the greatest movies -- we have a personal connection to and love so much they're…

  • The Royal Tenenbaums
  • Rushmore
  • Moonrise Kingdom
  • Bottle Rocket
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox

Ranked: Wes Anderson

8 films

Only seen all of these once*, upon their release.


  • Captain America: Civil War
  • Iron Man
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Captain America: The First Avenger
  • Iron Man 3

Ranked: Marvel Cinematic Universe

12 films

Haven't seen: Thor 2

  • All That Jazz
  • Almost Famous
  • Blade Runner
  • Double Indemnity
  • In the Mood for Love

My Filmspotting Pantheon Contenders

9 films

Damn, this list might be better than the actual Pantheon.

Removed from list and added to Pantheon:

-Apocalypse Now -Before…

  • Salaam Cinema
  • Close-Up
  • Gates of Heaven
  • Loss Is to Be Expected
  • The Hour of the Furnaces

10 doc filmmakers' 50 docs you need to see

50 films

Not on Letterboxd: Peter Amstrong's "Global Report" and Phil Agland's China: Beyond the Clouds

  • Before Sunset
  • Before Sunrise
  • Dazed and Confused
  • Boyhood
  • Before Midnight

Ranked: Richard Linklater

15 films

If Scott Tobias can do it, damnit, I can try... Though I haven't seen SubUrbia or The Newton Boys.

  • Moonrise Kingdom
  • Searching for Sugar Man
  • Cosmopolis
  • This Is Not a Film
  • Amour