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  • Kaz: Pushing the Virtual Divide 2014

    ★★★ Watched 22 Mar, 2014

    Beautifully filmed, and with great music, but the actual subject matter itself I found slightly pretentious.

    A note to Gran Turismo fans hoping that this film will delve into one of their favourite games: this film is not about Gran Turismo. This is a film that focuses on a number of individuals who dedicate themselves so completely to their craft that they become synonymous with the art that they create. Kazunori Yamauchi happens to be one of the subjects of…

  • Highlander 1986

    ★★★½ Rewatched 12 Apr, 2014 1

    I just re-watched this. It was one of my favourite childhood movies, but I think it's fair to say that it hasn't aged particularly well.

    Highlander is a strange beast. It's unbelievably corny one moment, tugs on the heartstrings the next, and then it shifts gears to bring you some beautifully staged action set-pieces backed by the stirring Queen soundtrack. The casting choices alone are enough to make you raise your eyebrows (a French actor playing a Scotsman, and a…

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  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991

    ★★★★½ Rewatched 07 May, 2012 2

    Rewatched on Blu-ray. The film definitely still packs a hell of a punch. Certain elements have dated, but overall it holds up even now. The special effects, which were state of the art at the time, are still impressive in their own way. Basically, this is one of the greatest action movies of all time and I'll always love it.

  • The Fountain 2006

    ★★★★½ Rewatched 21 Jul, 2012 2

    An utterly beautiful film. Visually, thematically and musically it is a joy to behold. The performances are heartbreaking and real. Jackman in particular is a revelation.

    This is a very divisive film. In fact, look on most film review websites and you'll see positive and negative reviews are split almost right down the middle.

    I can definitely see why people wouldn't like the movie. It's pretentious, confusing, and the basic story might be seen to be emotionally manipulative. On the…