1963 ★★½

This film is a visual marvel, but the story is very ho-hum. I wasn't emotionally invested at all.

Beer: Frankenmuth Brewery Red Sky Irish Style Ale - 4/5 (very smooth; I can drink this all day)


  • I knew you probably wouldn't like as much as I did. :P

  • I'm not a fan of movies that put little to no focus on plot and character.

    Pretty pictures are great, but if I'm not emotionally invested in what's going on, it's all just empty calories. :/

  • But the movie isn't filled with 'pretty' pictures. Although the cinematography is beautiful, the pictures are a complement to the words, so they should help you to connect with the character intellectually and emotionally. I think this is the real cinematic power.

  • You missed the part where I explained that if I'm not emotionally invested in what's going on...

    I did not care about any event that transpired. I did not care about any character. A fairly plain guy was doing fairly plain stuff and not accomplishing much along the way, while a host of sexy women hung around not accomplishing much of anything.

    I understand the idea behind the film, and I get that...but it was too self-serving. I'm not Federico Fellini, so I simply didn't care. There was nothing within the story that I was forced to care about.

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