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I can handle the truth.


  • All right, you answered the questions, Ok, but what the fourth story was about? Still don't get it

  • Tony Rocky Horror was thrown out of the fourth story window... good God, man. This analysis was genius, and the way you presented it was awesome. The themes I've noticed were much less involved. Stuff like how the movie deals with desensitization to violence while ironically providing more of that violence. The way the movie pays tribute to the genre of pulp fiction in its title; a genre of quick, easy-read books with simple stories and very black and white characters; while providing a long, complex story where nobody's a hero but nobody's really a villain either. The movies theme of karma-esque results to decisions is another thing that was pretty obvious. But I now see I had only scratched the surface. What you've done here is insanely impressive, my jaw was open the whole read. How are you even able to write analyses like this? I mean, you couldn't have noticed that stuff in your first viewing, right? What process do you go through to truly take everything you can get out of a film? It's something I've been after for a while.

  • This is one of the best reviews I've ever read. One question, what's your take on the yellow flash that appears when Vincent and Jules execute Brett?

  • Jesus man, sorry, I rewatched the film and I get what the fourth story was about

  • What the fourth story was about?

  • @JuanQuintero sabes el hombre que lo lanzaron marcelus wallace y su gente de una ventana de su casa porque supuestamente le dió un masaje en los pies a mia? Ese tipo lo llamaban Tony Rocky Horror, y me imagino que la cuarta historia se trataría de ese tipo.

  • Si, yo lo imaginé y al contestar las 3 preguntas que puso este tipo aquí ya lo confirmé.

  • This is probably the best review ever... Ever!

  • Amazing review. Deep, deep knowledge and analysis. Bravo!

  • Once again, great stuff.

    Anyway. So, the name of the guy who Marcellus throws out the window is Tony Rocky Horror. I still don't understand:

    Why Marcellus threw him out, or why his name is at all important. If I'm not mistaken, Mia herself says his name in the film. So what is its significance?

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