The Dark Knight Rises 2012 ½

This review reportedly contains spoilers.
I can handle the truth.


  • @David Anderson The first ten mintues of Up are brilliant
    Actually @Ryan strike that last comment, I have to admit I haven't seen Back To The Future in forever, and the first 30 minutes bores me to no end so I never remember much of what happens. Re watching the cinema sins video reminded me of the plot structure again funny enough. That opening sequence is actually necessary my bad. I still think you're wrong about Memento being better in chronological order, I tried today, and found it unbearably boring and missing all of the thematic implications that the backwards structure added. It also removes the ambiguity of the SPOILER ALERT twist middle where he's revealed to be the true killer, and renders the back half of the timeline basically useless.

  • It's fine that it bored you, but it's still great film-making and excellent screenwriting. Your opinion does not diminish the quality of the work the film-makers slaved over to get as close to perfection as possible. Nobody's does. But the true art of making a quality film and writing an excellent screenplay does not appeal to everyone. My sister thinks The Godfather is boring. No big deal. It's obvious that Francis Ford Coppola and his cast and crew decided how good the movie would be by their film-making decisions several decades before she was born. :)

    BTTF is a great movie and one of the most perfect screenplays ever written. I'm sorry you are not wowed by that level of artistry.

  • Despite their flaws which do you think was more entertaining, TDK or TDKR?

  • Neither entertained me.

  • for me, TDK. and sadly, batman's involvement really had nothing to do with the parts that entertained me :/

  • In a movie called The Dark Knight, there is a very significant lack of Batman doing things. And the things he does do are laughable at best - bending a gun barrel with his hand, jumping onto the roof of a moving van which causes it to stop, jumping out of 15th-storey windows and crashing into automobiles without suffering the slightest injury, getting shot, being yanked out of a Hong Kong building by a C-130 without being snapped in half like a toothpick, everything to do with the tank car thing and the ridiculous bike that defies every physics law known to man, etc. I've seen Batman cartoons that were more realistic!

  • ^so sooooo true. and really funny considering the "real world rules" nolan likes to impose on the subject matter. i really thought hard on why i love TDK -- it really has NOTHING to do with batman. wow.

  • David, the perception of this film carrying a "realistic" feel baffles me in profound ways. It's a cartoon with real people, that's it. Where anyone comes off thinking the funerary solemnity is a tone that not only suffices for such kiddie subject matter, but is actually the mark of a genius at work...that shows such a limited and ignorant view of filmmaking, plain and simple. These movies are not dark, first of all, and they are certainly not realistic. Not by any stretch of the definition.

    I honestly believe that most of the love these movies receive stems from the in-your-face style: the loud music, the explosions, the unpredictability (logic be damned), the flash and bang, emotions laid bare and exposition plain as day so everyone - EVERYONE - clearly understands what's supposed to be happening. It's dummy filmmaking at its most dumb.

  • PS: What are some of the reasons why you DO love TDK?

  • the things that come to mind right away (without watching it again to be certain about it) -- heath ledger's portrayal of joker, the opening bank heist, joker crashing wayne's party, joker's magic trick -- maybe this movie should have been called "rise of the joker" for me. uhm, dent and saggie gyllenhaal's ordeal in the warehouses with them talking back and forth (was never a fan of her made up role so it was cool to see her finally hit the cutting room floor), and to bottomline it all, just joker being joker. the only moment involving batman that i might have enjoyed is when Gordon is actually ALIVE and gets the "drop" on joker.

    and that's it. why i used "love" TDK makes no sense right? i guess Joker's performance stayed with me. i really dislike begins and rises was just...a pile of it after hindsight. felt like a wild ride and then i just wanted to get off of the rollercoaster.

    funny thing is, i completely agree with EVERYTHING you said, Ryan. but for some reason, Joker did it for me. #jokerfanboy O.o

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