The Godfather 1972 ★★★★★

I don't trust anyone who dislikes this movie.


  • Personally don't know anyone who doesn't at least recognize its greatness

  • What? This film is full of logical inconsistencies and problems.

    First off, how does Michael get back home all the way from Italy. Also, apparently marrying a Greek girl is an easy fix for bringing your dad back from the dead.

    Where did Sonny learn to gain ninja skills? That scene where he jumps Carlo in the alley is completely unrealistic with the character's given nature. Plus, where he get the tripwire?

    Then you have Michael suddenly deciding that his father is the Batfather! NOBODY ELSE NOTICED THIS?

    Fredo is a useless character. Sonny could have stopped the bomb instead of Fredo, but no, we have to have a Fredo scene where he says "That one was a doozy" after flailing around on a moving truck.

    But wait! How can Michael be the Batfather if he hasn't been taught before!?

    Also, Sal's plans to poison the ice cream truck with explosive berries was retarded.

    Somebody dies a death by orange! So stupid.

  • Ha.

  • lol Cinebro

  • @cinebro, LOL ;)

  • I don't like it.

    To some extent I can appreciate why it's considered one of the greatest ever blends of high cinematic art and popular entertainment. But I've watched it three times, and I spent most of those viewings asking myself why I wasn't getting much enjoyment out of An Objectively Great Film. I suppose it didn't help that the first time I watched it, I came to it with an attitude of: "Right, so you're the Best Film Ever Made, are you? Well PROVE IT." I wasn't likely to judge it fairly with an attitude like that...

    There were some bits that impressed me (like the restaurant assassination scene with the train going past), but the story and characters never engaged me. I can't explain why I have no sympathy for the tale of Michael Corleone's fall when there are other gangster stories that managed to make me care about much nastier characters.

    Having said, that, I genuinely really enjoyed The Godfather Part II. But mainly for the scenes showing how young Vito rose to the top; I was always disappointed whenever it cut back to the Michael storyline in the '50s!

  • I think it's very difficult to *not* like Michael. The only reason he get into the business is to protect his father. His motives are 100% pure. I cared deeply about Michael. Other gangster films, such as Goodfellas, presented me with a bunch of fucking assholes, and because of their lack of character depth, I did not care about any one of them, or even the film.

  • I don't like it near as much as some people. It's just a case of where it's not necessarily my thing. I gave it 3 1/2 stars on a recent re-watch.

  • One off the most over-rated films of all time.

  • I just watched this movie for the second time ever yesterday and though it has great scenes, it is not a great film for me. The story is too long and protracted. I wanted to enjoy it but it is more about you giving this movie your attention rather than this movie captivating you. Michael, Sonny and Tom are great characters but the magnificently dignified Vito Corleone is my favourite character.

  • A fun game is to go through the film ratings of those who don't appreciate this masterpiece, and play Spot The Movie Made Before 1980.

    One of the most difficult games I've ever played.

  • People are going to like more stuff from their time it only makes sense. I was born in 76 so a good portion of the films I love come from what I grew up with in the 80's and early 90's. I've gone back and watched a lot of older films because of my love of cinema, but I can honestly say they don't always appeal to me because things that appealed to folks back then won't always apply today. The idea some people have that because a film is considered a classic you have to like it is ridiculous in my opinion.

  • I like it, but it's over-rated. The sequel is better by a mile.

  • The sequel is better, but not by much. The flashback stuff with De Niro is awesome, and should have been a film in itself, the rest of the film is as weak as the first,

  • "The idea some people have that because a film is considered a classic you have to like it is ridiculous in my opinion."

    @Ron - If one dislikes a movie that is regarded as a classic, then they should at least learn to understand why it gets and retains such a status. I think we all dislike at least a few movies considered classics or don't hold them as high up to standards as most others do, but movie lovers should at least learn to understand, appreciate and respect why others appreciate, respect and even admire films with such quality. I may not enjoy Citizen Kane as much as others, but I tip my hat off to why it's regarded as one of the most brilliantly influential films ever made.

    @Driver and Ross - I get a headache every time I hear someone say that about any film. I wish that word was a person so I could murder it twice. No film is overrated. Overrated is a condensed arrogant way of dictating that, because you and only you dislike a movie or that you don't like it as much as most others, that it doesn't deserve to be so highly regarded.

    There's nothing wrong with not enjoying a movie as much as everyone else. It'd be worse to conform to making yourself like any such movie just for the sake of its classic status, but just because you feel that way doesn't warrant such a simplified and narrow-minded criticism and that's pretty much what calling something overrated suggests. It's not a window into a differing opinion of a movie. It's just an unflattering window into your own perspective and approach to movies in general.

    That's all I'm going to say about calling movies overrated. Too many people on here use that word and I'm over trying to explain why it sucks.

  • The Godfather is a must watch film for anyone, at least for me, the film is flawless and 100% entertaining, it goes like a 30 minute film to me.. outstanding piece of cinema

  • @Arto I can understand why a film is regarded as a classic. Many of the classics I've seen and not loved, I almost always mention in my review they're technically well made if that is the case. There's just more to it than that. A film can be well made and still be bad or not appeal to the individual watching it. I like The Godfather, it's very well made. I just don't love it. That doesn't mean I don't understand why others do.

  • @Ron - I have to disagree, I enjoy more films from the 60's and 70"s than I do from my own time, I like films from the 90's and the 2000's but technically they don't compare to films from past decades, films like The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, Nosferatu, Once upon a time in the west, Safety Last. they have made a bigger impression on me than for example Inception, the matrix, the dark knight or fight club.

  • @Javier There's nothing to disagree on really. That's your personal experience. That's not the case for me so we just differ in that regard. I've seem films from all different decades that leave an impression on me. It's just the stuff I grew up with had the biggest impact.

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