Transformers: Dark of the Moon 2011 ★★★

Let me just say that it starts with astronauts exploring the dark side of the moon with clearly visible sunlight and a full view of the Earth.

PS: Same finale as The Avengers, but 100x better.


  • So true about the finale dude. If there's one area of expertise Michael Bay truly shines in, it's utilizing special effects better than anyone. Atrocious story but that action trumps Avengers.

  • you dont like the dark knight or dark knight rises, but liked wow.

  • I appreciate this movie for not masquerading as high art like TDKR. Both are very stupid popcorn films with many issues. Can't understand why one gets a free pass and not the other.

  • I honestly think that the series should be directed by two people: Bay handling the action, someone else handling the non action.

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