Best Films of 2012

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  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


  • The Grey


  • The Impossible


  • Dredd


  • Wreck-It Ralph


  • The Raid


  • Looper


  • Samsara


  • Brave


  • Goon


  • Killer Joe


  • Wrath of the Titans


  • John Carter


  • Haywire


  • Chronicle



  • I don't have a real driving desire to check out The Raid until it hits VOD. The only film I would put her is Kill List and only because it was technically released in the U.S. in 2012. Nothing else has yet to measure up to my personal scale of greatness yet. At least the stuff I've seen.

  • Dude you are so weird...

  • Haywire? really? can you tell me why at all? I really loathed that movie to be honest.

  • Loved the cinematography, music, and fight scenes.

    Yeah, weak year. I also have much to see.

  • Really liked Haywire as well.

  • Are you planning on seeing any of the other notable 2012 releases? I'd figure you'd at least watch something like Argo.

  • I don't go to the theater very much anymore. I also don't currently have access to Netflix. Waiting for the library/Redbox to get restocked.

    But yes, I am very much looking forward to watching Argo, The Master, Looper, etc. I'm pretty far behind, sadly.

  • wow, weak list dude. so much that should be on here (the master, django, amour, to name a few). and I really don't understand how u can hate on The Dark Knight and love The Hobbit simultaneously. really average film. way too long. TDK eats it for breakfast

  • I reviewed Django and The Master, as well as The Hobbit and TDK and TDKR. If you're looking for explanations, all you have to do is read said reviews.

    PS: TDK eats The Hobbit for breakfast? Thanks for letting me know you don't care much for quality storytelling.

  • so by that logic, everyone who prefers TDK to The Hobbit doesn't care for quality storytelling.

    sounds like a fair judgement.

  • It's fine to enjoy whatever you want, but understand what it is that you like.

    TDK/TDKR are horribly-written films. The end.

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