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Note: I listed the Lord of the Rings trilogy as one film because I view them as a single entity. I also listed the Toy Story films as one entry because they are all of equal quality. So, to be fair, I listed the original three Star Wars films as one (the prequels do not exist outside of the Red Letter Media reviews and you know it).

Also, Red Cliff is listed as one entry (the full 5-hour version) since it is meant to function as one story, as evidenced by the 'to be continued' at the end of the first part.


  • You're right, but just because I love Inception and don't care for SPR doesn't lessen my taste in film.

  • It's okay to love the movie, but understand that it's not a great movie just because you love it. It's horrendously problematic and the script is pure garbage. You're still allowed to enjoy it, though, but your enjoyment does not magically bestow any qualities upon the film that the film-maker neglected to get right during the writing and production stages.

    Also, if you're going to make claims like X movie is more intelligent than Y movie, you need to back-up what you say. Instead of simply making a claim, explain your thoughts. Don't wait to be questioned; do it right out of the gate. Explain what makes X movie so intelligent, citing examples, and do the same for what makes Y inferior. This forces your beliefs to stand up under scrutiny. That's the reason why I write long analyses for films I dislike - to see if I'm right, I need to put my beliefs to the test. Do the same. Prove your point instead of claiming it to be true. Anyone can claim anything. I can claim I'm the love child of Dr. Seuss and Abraham Lincoln, but without proving this statement to be true, why would anyone ever believe me?

    Inception is more intelligent than Star Trek 2 because ____________________.
    Fill in the blank and then we can have a true debate.

  • Inception deals with intellectual ideas (the layers of our own subconscious, the fragility of the mind and it's thoughts) and communicates them through a complex, but not convoluted, storyline that is highly engaging, unpredictable, and finds multiple ways to keep the audience on edge. And it should be clear I'm not a Nolan fanboy. While I enjoy all his films, I think Batman Begins and TDKR are all massively flawed, and TDK is far from realistic just because none of the characters are aliens or have superpowers (I still think the film is great, though). I just think Inception is an amazing film. We shouldn't compare Inception and Star Trek 2, as they are two different films, and I shouldn't have brought them up in the first place.

  • More claims.

    Inception deals with intellectual ideas (the layers of our own subconscious, the fragility of the mind and it's thoughts)

    But does the movie explore these concepts well? Give examples and explain why Nolan's approach was the preferred approach and how this decision benefited the story.

    communicates them through a complex, but not convoluted, storyline

    Communicates them how? Give examples of instances in the story where this communication worked and explain why it worked and how the story benefited from the approach Nolan took and why a different approach would not have worked as well for this story.

    You're not explaining yourself.

  • Here is an example of criticism done right.

    He doesn't just make claims, he gives explanations.

  • The film uses these themes as plot points and scenes (the scene where Ellen Page is "killed", the concept of the film in relation to fragility of the mind), to the point where the plot literally dwells on these themes. I watch a lot of movies so I couldn't list too many examples, but maybe right after a rewatch I can better explain myself. I'm still wiped out by that 4 hour cut of Dances with Wolves. ;)

  • "Here is an example of criticism done right."

    Hardly. Of course there are objectively verifiable aspects to film, but subjectivity comes into play when reaching a conclusion about what the data means. Jameson proves adept at operating a stopwatch, but nothing he observes supports his ultimate claim that Inception is "mindless entertainment." That is a fallacy. There is no film Bible that states what does and does not constitute something as mindless entertainment. His conclusion is pure opinion. The comparison of Nolan to Michael Bay is also a fallacy, and, considering this critique was made before Pain & Gain, it's one he might want to rethink. Maybe he could use Peter Jackson instead.

  • All you've done, Auteur, is say "no, he's wrong", but with fancier words.

  • Well Ryan; I've seen all of these films on your list and have to say that enjoyed every one of them!........bloody scary that we have somewhat similar taste. :-)

    I will add though....."Inception" would be fairly high on my list, and I enjoy most of Nolan's films! :)

    You commented earlier (to "C" I believe) about being twice his age; which I assume suggested therefore being somewhat wiser. Well...I'm twice your :-)

    I like your spirit..

  • Close. I think what I'm saying is "you're wrong," that this is an example of film criticism done right.

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