My Hypothetical Sight & Sound Top 10

As stolen from various Letterbox'd members, here's my own hypothetical Sight & Sound Top 10 list. I decided to limit myself to only one film per director, but compiling this list was still a lot harder than I thought. I guess I should've used the famous "Vishnevetsky method." Oh well...

As always, here are 10 Honorable Mentions:

Die Hard
Blow Out
Deep Red
Battle Royale
True Romance
The Terminator
Black Christmas
Enter the Dragon
The Thin Red Line


  • A lot of good movies here. I could never have made such a list at this point of my life, because my taste has changed more and more past the years. When it comes to Hitchcock, I do prefer "Rear Window", even though "Psycho" is a great movie. And I have never loved "Full Metal Jacket" as much as many people, it's definitely a great movie, but in my opinion not up there with Kubrick's best. But the list makes up for it, with having "Bad Taste" here. That's also my Jackson favorite. And let's not forget "Pulp Fiction".

    I like your runners up even more. "Taxi Driver" is a masterpiece and "Black Christmas" a brilliant horror movie.

  • Thanks! And I know what you mean. Had I done this list a couple of years ago, it would've included films like Donnie Darko and Scarface. I still love them both, but they're not exactly among my 10 (or 20) favorite films of all time anymore.

    Rear Window is amazing and definitely my second favorite Hitchcock film. Psycho was the very first of his that I saw (many, many years ago) and it has been one of my favorite films of all time ever since. Same with Full Metal Jacket. I wouldn't call it Kubrick's best, but it has always been my personal favorite.

    And Taxi Driver is probably the one honorable mention I would've liked seeing in the final ten more than any of the others. That one and Blow Out. And Die Hard. And.. Ah, there are just so many films I really, really love.

  • Well, "Rear Window" was the first Hitchcock movie I ever saw and I was totally amazed by it. Which I still am, even though i've seen it many times now. Even though I now what's going to happen, it still is exciting in some kind of magical way. But I also really like "Psycho" off course.

    I have to rewatch "Taxi Driver" some day, it may even turn into a all time favorite (with my few other 10/10 movies). I remember loving how it described the main characters hate and how he felt he was not important in any way.

    It's even some movies here I have not seen, like: "Leon", "Chunking Express" and "Memories of a Murder". Neither have I seen "Blow Out", even though i think De Palma is a great director. And don't "Enter the Dragon" either. And don't "Battle Royale"... Man, I have to check them out soon.

  • Well, they're (obviously) all highly recommended, especially Léon. :-)

  • Replaced Psycho with Taxi Driver.

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