Ranked: Lee Chang-dong (Director)

Lee Chang-dong is one of my favorite South-Korean filmmakers. Of the five films he has made to date, I consider four of them to be masterpieces, which made his films somewhat hard to rank.

  • Oasis


  • Peppermint Candy


  • Secret Sunshine


  • Poetry


  • Green Fish



  • Poetry is the one and only film I've seen by Lee Chang-dong but I thought it was sensational (so it bodes well that it is only number four on your list). I'm hoping my rental copy of Oasis will turn up soon as I've been meaning to experience more of the director's work although there doesn't seem to be a UK DVD release for Secret Sunshine so I might have to import.

  • Get the Criterion release of Secret Sunshine -- it's excellent. The other four films are all available in the UK (in great releases), as I'm sure you know. Definitely check out Oasis, Peppermint Candy, and Secret Sunshine. Green Fish is easily his weakest film, but still recommended.

  • I watched Oasis last night - see here - and it did not disappoint. I also have Peppermint Candy arriving tomorrow.

  • Yeah, I just noticed it on your 100 Favorite Directors list. I'm glad you liked (or should I say loved) it.

  • I might remove him from the eventual list but I loved the two films so much I thought he deserved a mention.

  • Or you might bump him up (or at least let him stay) after you watch Peppermint Candy and Secret Sunshine... ;-)

  • Hopefully. I'm certainly looking forward to exploring his other films.

  • As of tonight I've seen all Lee Chang-dong's films and I believe he's one of the best directors working today. Peppermint Candy remains my personal favourite.

  • Excellent! Peppermint Candy is my VERY close second favorite.

  • Also watched Oasis at weekend very impressed and also looking forward to the rest of Lee Chang-dongs movies I've had Poetry for ages but still not got round to viewing,thanks guys.

  • Great, I'm glad you liked it, Billy. And if you already own Poetry... well, what are you waiting for?! ;-)

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