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  • Land of Silence and Darkness 1971

    ★★★★★ Added

    A film i've been desperate to see. This is an early Herzog documentary about people who are both blind and deaf (with varying degrees of severity). It's an amazing, unique experience which really struck a deep chord with me - the very basics of our make up, sight, hearing, touch, are not to be taken for granted. Herzog doesn't just concentrate on the issue of disability, he uses his absolute understanding of human nature to show his subjects as rounded, engaging people, trapped essentially within their own bodies. One of his very best films, amazed it isn't very high profile.

  • The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser 1974

    ★★★★ Added

    Picked up the recent (and brilliant) BFI Werner Herzog Blu Ray boxset so going to be some Herzog reviews over the next few weeks. I hadn't seen this one and was perplexed, engaged and charmed by it. It's about a man with no concept of basic human behaviour or society (he was locked in a barn his entire life then released without having ever spoken to another person). Herzog seems to be commenting on human life as a questionable construct rather than an absolute - it's funny, melancholic and entertaining.

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  • War Horse 2011

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    Manipulative, boring, emotionally simplistic drama directed by Steven Spielberg. The film is way too long, as usual with directors like Spielberg, he thinks he is making an epic for the sake of making an epic so it's very long winded. I'm something of an animal lover, but i gotta be honest, i didn't give a fuck about this fella or his horse.

  • Red Tails 2012