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  • Starred Up 2013

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    I've seen this before but for some reason forgot to review it. This was a second viewing and i think pretty much the same about it - decent prison film with some original moments and a good cast. Never threatening greatness but a good, naturalistic prison drama.

  • Waylon Jennings - Live from Austin, TX 2006

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    Waylon Jennings was (and is) the epitome of outlaw country music - breaking away from the clean cut establishment in Nashville to write and record his own way, with his own themes (drinking, individuality, women, dysfunctional lifestyles, southern iconography). This isn't from Waylon's most influential period (the 70s) but rather the late 80s when the hits had started to dry up and the waistline widen but it's still a good run through of a genuine country music icon. To paraphrase one of his greatest songs, Waylon really was a "honky tonk hero".

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  • War Horse 2011

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    Manipulative, boring, emotionally simplistic drama directed by Steven Spielberg. The film is way too long, as usual with directors like Spielberg, he thinks he is making an epic for the sake of making an epic so it's very long winded. I'm something of an animal lover, but i gotta be honest, i didn't give a fuck about this fella or his horse.

  • Red Tails 2012