The Turin Horse 2011 ★½

My first experience with Bela Tarr, and wow was I not expecting this. A great first chapter showing the struggles of getting this horse back to its stable, only to watch this couple do chores for 2 1/2 hours. I understand the themes and the message behind it, but it still does not make for an entertaining movie in any way. Very painful to sit through, and I was not alone as many others in the TIFF audience were restless and laughing by the time 'Day 5' appeared on screen.


  • I think this film (intentionally or not) seems contemptuous of its audience. The act of potato boiling just isn't as cinematic as one might expect.

  • haha I couldn't agree more - it felt like a chore or a test to have to endure all of this torture, almost as much as what the main characters went through. People still claim this to be a masterpiece and whatever other praise they shower on this film.. I don't get it.

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