Spider-Man 2002 ★★★★

As far as the (Raimi) Spider-Man flicks go, this was my favorite. The start of it all from a modern perspective. I always personally preferred the scientist aspect of Peter Parker, so I was sad to see the organic web-shooters but I was able to overlook it. The Green Goblin costume that they tested was completely awesome, but they didn't use it in the film. The armor suit they did use, I really disliked but I was also able to overlook that. I thought this was entirely fun and was a good representation of the character for the silver screen. I hope that the Amazing Spider-Man (2012) can surpass it.


  • You must be looking forward to the reboot since it will be using mechanical web-shooters.

  • i hate the way Lizard looks, but as far as Amazing Spider-Man goes, what i've seen so far has me interested. i think it'll work a lot better overall with his created web-shooters, i think his costume looks rad and the web swinging i've seen is leaps and bounds better looking than the Raimi films (*much* more natural looking than the CG in the previous series)

  • I am not happy with the look of the Lizard either. I'm willing to overlook it if there's good acting and a good story behind it. I am however happy they cast an actor who looks more like the Peter Parker in the comics, that is to say, lanky and more flexible. The suit looks good on him. From what I can tell, the new movie does concentrate on Peter's scientific studies, which is a good thing.

    I do hope there is more wall crawling than the last films and a better use of his Spidey sense.

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