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  • Dirkie - Lost in the Desert
  • The Hateful Eight
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A.I.Please May I Have Another: Watching or Re-watching Every Film Made or Released by American International Pictures. .

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Bad calf means bad ideas. While laid up with a medial gastroc rupture (that's doctor talk meaning torn calf muscle…

  • Thief
  • Cheering Section
  • The Beyond
  • Swap Meet
  • Gas

2015: A Cinematic Texas Gladiator.

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2015. I'll do this better than 2014.

Not on Letterboxd:

"High School Fantasies" 1974

  • Don't Hang Up
  • Terror of Mechagodzilla
  • Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me
  • The Million Dollar Rip-Off
  • The Return of the Living Dead

2014: The Year We Break Contact.

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2014. 300 Movies. I can do this.

So far 2 movies I can't list:

Sex Wish (1976)
People's Champion: Behind…