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This review reportedly contains spoilers.
I can handle the truth.

This review reportedly contains spoilers.

It was looking like a pretty good film... til it got hit by a melodramatic hammer.

The acting was pretty good, especially a young Ethan Hawke. Robin Williams was OK, but he was the weakest of the lot. He basically played "Robin Williams plays a teacher"

Again... I was quite enjoying it until the whole melodramatic crap. Totally unnecessary. And I actually do blame Mr. Keating in some extent for the kids death.

The kid came to Mr. Keating for help. All he had to say was talk to your Dad. The Dad was Red! It was the 50s. You can talk all the dreamy talk you want, but you have to deal with the reality of the situation... and that boys situation required more than a heart-to-heart.

Anyway... I still thought the suicide was lame... after a single play!

That whole ending pretty much ruined the film for me, just when some of the other stories where getting interesting.

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  • I've given some more thought to this... and probably like this less. It's all so contrived...

    Why would a "rebellious" teacher take a position at such a conservative school? Being an alumni isn’t enough for me.

    Why would be leave a position in London and his love for this? Did a student kill himself there too?

    Why would the school hire him?

    Why would he encourage the kids to rebel, knowing the possible consequence (expulsion)?

    Why would the school target Mr Keating? That would admit that THEY were wrong.

    How did Red Forman know Mr Keating was a bad influence?There is no scene showing "gossip" anong parents.

    Why did that kid commit suicide at all? After one play? It didn’t seem in his personality. I could have maybe seen Ethan Hawke’s character doing that. It seems out of left field…

    All the above situations... "let’s put a rebellious teacher in a conservative school..." seem thrown together to create false drama… or melodrama… again contrived.

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