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  • The Blob 1958

    ★★★ Rewatched 29 Sep, 2014

    you know, The 58 Blob is charming but its just not a great, GREAT movie. When the film's hero, THE BLOB, is on screen, the film shines. Otherwise we are watching lots of 50s teen angst featuring Steve McQueen pretending to be a teenager and characters with names like The Mooch. It's a great looking movie and it has a fun, truly bizarre tone to it but is it blasphemy to say that i prefer the remake??

  • Darktown Strutters 1975

    ★★★½ Watched 28 Sep, 2014

    What was going on in 1975 that a movie this balls out weird could ever be made? Darktown Strutters is a comedy/kind of soul musical/biker movie that drips with total insanity in every frame. there's not much of a plot really and the whole things looks like it was made by a bunch of friends over a weekend. i don't quite know what was happening but i certainly didn't want to turn it off.

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  • Man of Steel 2013

    ★★★★★ Watched 06 Jun, 2013 7

    i dug the shit out of this.
    for real, this is Superman on a level we have never seen before. in terms of CRAZY COMIC BOOK SCI FI & AWESOMENESS..... nothing ever on this level.
    very similar to Batman Begins for me in that it makes you think about just what makes this superhero just so incredible. Zack Snyder pulled it off & this film is the superhero standard to be judged by.

    i was happily surprised to see how successful the…

  • The Godfather: Part III 1990

    ★★★ Rewatched 25 Sep, 2014

    first, the obvious stuff: this movie is not and could never have been on the same level of the first and especially second Godfather films. Those were Coppola working at some of the heights of his powers and by the time 1990 rolled around, the magic just couldn't be recaptured. Second, thankfully Sofia Coppola has emerged as a fantastic film director as she sucks horribly, HORRIBLY as an actress.
    all that business aside and Godfather III is a clearly rushed…