Heckler 2007 ★★

I should start this review off by stating that I have had sex, I don't live in my parents basement (they don't have one in fairness but I assure you I moved out years ago) and have never been to comic con. I may seem strange to frame a review in such a way but from what I learned from this documentary these are essential milestones in order for your opinion to be valid.

Although the title is heckler only a third actually relates to hecklers in the traditional sense, the rest of the film is a bit of a moan that can be summed up as "aren't critics a bunch of dicks!?" and as such the film is effectively critic proof as if you don't like it it's because you are a critic and can't handle the truth. Nothing to do with the fact that it comes across as unfocused although it is quite amusing at times.

A lot of celebrities appear to have a moan about people like you and me making some rather ridiculous generalisations. But hey we deserve it right?

I would write more but I'm probably not qualified to do so.


  • I actually thought it worked pretty well as documentary about how some stand-up comedians and whatnot are a bunch of whining pussies.
    It also worked pretty well as a satire even though they were probably all very serious in their bitching and moaning efforts. Just with more comedy gold than usual.

    I think the ambiguity of perception comes with the genre, seeing as I liked it for being honest (which, I think, is all a documentary has to be), while others probably liked it for the point it was actually trying to make.
    I mean, I didn't care for the supposed protagonists of this movie, but I feld well-informed of their apparent lack of balls and common sense.

    If Michael Moore directed it, he would've probably done a much better job getting the point across (or persuading me of it), but -for a number of reasons - I'm glad he didn't. :)

  • But thinking back...and noticing I apparently gave it only one star...there probably was some really annoying stuff at the end I seem to have forgotten about. :D

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