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  • Angry Inuk

    Angry Inuk


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A revealing documentary of how organizations like Greenpeace have profited off (intentionally) misinformed activism around the issue of Canadian Inuit groups killing seal pups... something which has been illegal in Canada for over 30 years. Inuit communities subsist on adult seals, caribou, wolf, etc for food, clothing, and other household uses... bi-products of which are sold commercially on the international market to support these communities and preserve their traditional ways of life. Since the 60s, animal rights organizations have (admittedly)…

  • Amy



    Tells a great story of a young artist pulled in every direction from the commercial industry and then dying from its impact...

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  • Mr. Lazhar

    Mr. Lazhar


    A beautiful film... especially the child performances. But I have difficulty getting over the flawed premise...